Trae Tha Truth supports student who went viral for selling water to raise money for school clothes

If there’s one thing we know about the people of Houston, it’s that they’ll follow suit with anyone who needs help! Recently, an article went viral about a young man from Houston selling water to raise money for school clothes. The Facebook post detailed that high school student Jaydeen Buckley, who will attend Westbury High School, was a lovable kid and was outside an Exxon gas station for three weeks trying to raise funds. Several people commented on the post and asked how to contact the young man and that’s when Trae Tha Truth stepped in!

Not only did he come into contact with Jaydeen’s mother, Meka Buckley, who is a mother of four, but he stepped in and provided clothes and shoes for Jaydeen and his siblings. Speaking to Jaydeen’s mother, she explained that it was her son’s idea to sell water, to buy things he wanted like clothes and a tablet. Meka, who recently moved his family from Atlanta, explained that his son was selling water in Atlanta and decided to sell water in Houston.

The wave of support for Jaydeen doesn’t stop with Trae. We asked Meka if anyone else had reached out to help her son, and she revealed that Megan Thee Stallion, H-Town Hottie, also asked her team to contact her. Excitedly, she told us that Megan had sent her security guard to look for Jaydeen and that they were currently shopping. With the new attention after going viral, Jaydeen will have Trae in his corner. Her mother informed that Trae planned to keep in touch with her and her family and told her to reach out whenever she needed help.

We love to see it!

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