Taylor Swift Won’t Submit Fearless (Taylor Version) For Grammys

Good news for literally anyone who makes music.

Kudos to all future Grammy nominees who won’t have to compete with two Taylor Swift albums this year.

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While everyone spent the past year baking bread and making TikToks, Taylor was busy completing several albums.

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One of which was Without fear (Taylor version), a re-recording of his 2008 album Intrepid.

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Fans have been speculating for months on whether this album would be in contention for Grammy nominations again.

But Taylor’s folks confirmed to Billboard on Tuesday that she would only submit Always for exam.

In 2010, Intrepid won two Grammys and scored her debut album of the year. It is also the most awarded country album of all time.

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Sooooo I guess it’s a big day for any other artist who actually wanted to win an award this year.

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