Steampunk Plus Size Clothing And Costumes

In our contemporary society, clothing of all kinds is becoming more and more inclusive of people of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is high-end, luxurious brands, streetwear, or even costumes and cosplay, plus sizes are just as common as smaller ones.

This allows for an even broader range of people to easily dress however they may choose to. The fashion style associated with the subculture that is steampunk is no exception, with tons of beautiful, plus-sized options available when it comes to all manner of steampunk clothing, from corsets to dresses and beyond.

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at some of the best plus-sized steampunk clothing items that we could find that are available on the market right now!


This gorgeous blouse is a little different from what you might expect when you think of a steampunk outfit. There isn't a hint of leather and no buckles in sight! However, the high, ruffled neck, the ruched and puffy sleeves, and the elegant buttoned front all add to the subtle steampunk vibe of the blouse, creating a sophisticated and stylish choice. 


Corsets are one of the more iconic items when it comes to steampunk-themed fashion, and this plus-size corset and body shaper combo is a great way to bring some classic steampunk style to your outfit.

The shaping nature of this corset allows you to stay comfortable and look fabulous whilst you wear it. It also features buckles on the bodice as well as decorative brass-colored buttons, crisscross lacing, and straps to emphasize the steampunk vibe.


Whilst we are on the topic of corsets, this is another gorgeous option that would be a great addition to a steampunk outfit whilst also being comfortable and well-fitted.

The drawstring allows you to adjust the corset should you need to and also features an over-bust style to create a fitting look whilst emphasizing your curves!

The waist area features zip-up closure and a buckle and strap design. A bolero- a small covering shrug - comes with the corset. The bolero has a strap buckle closure as well as a stand collar that is opened via a silver rivet.

The bolero not only adds a touch of glamour to the piece but also emphasizes the steampunk theme thanks to its unique design and the straps and buckles used to attach and detach it. The wave patterns on the stomach and the bust caps also give off a steampunk vibe. 


This handmade corset belt is a hugely versatile accessory that would work excellently as part of a steampunk costume. The wideness allows it to be worn by people of all sizes, whilst accentuating the natural curves of the body.

The belt is available in various shades of brown (and black too) and features antique buckles at the front as well as crisscross lacing at the back, which allows for adjustment.

The thick, Italian bull leather that the belt is made of is the perfect material for a steampunk accessory and one that can be paired with all manner of shirts or blouses to create a sophisticated steampunk style.


This corset lets you bring out the gothic side of steampunk. The stainless-steel clasps that run down the front of the corset work beautifully with both the black and brown versions of the piece.

One of the images that are often associated with steampunk is that of a cog or a gear, due to the connections that it has to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, on which a significant part of the steampunk subculture has been inspired.

This corset utilizes the image of a cog by having it appear on the sides. The cog is more eye-catching in the brown version of the corset, but it is a clever and awesome addition to both variations.

The corset is topped off with some decorative buttons, rivets, and even some chains attached near the bust to complete the steampunk look. 


This three-piece dress outfit includes an asymmetrical skirt, a white blouse, and a corset, which combine to create an awesome look that screams steampunk!

The asymmetrical hem of the skirt - longer at the back and shorter at the front - is a staple seen frequently in steampunk-themed skirts and dresses, and this particular skirt gets the look perfect with this combination of items.

The skirt's steampunk style is also emphasized by the lace accents and the distinctive leaf patterns. Much like the skirt, the corset is also a steampunk dream thanks to the copious amounts of leather, straps, and lace!

The white blouse ties in neatly with the rest of the outfit to create an amazing steampunk dress. Pair it with some boots, a hat, and some jewelry, and you have the perfect steampunk costume for all occasions. 


The next few items are all from the same Etsy seller- TheVintageDressRoom- as they offer a wide range of lovely, plus-sized fashion items with a steampunk style. The first is a floor-length skirt, which would make for a unique and stylish take on the steampunk theme.

The skirt features adjustable corset lacing that runs down the right-hand side of the skirt, flaring out at the bottom into an eye-catching seven-tier ruffle.

The skirt is also beautifully made, with tailored panels that are intended to create an hourglass silhouette as well as a separate hemline for each ruffle, which connects to the satin lining. Combine this skirt with a plain blouse and a corset for a sophisticated take on steampunk.


This jacket is an absolute stunner and one that could easily suit and fit both female and male steampunk enthusiasts (or anyone in between!).

Reminiscent of 19th-century wartime jackets, this piece is made all the more elegant thanks to the cascading brass buttons and the velvet-trimmed edges. As well as the jacket, there is also a button-through mock waistcoat included that completes the outfit. 

This jacket and waistcoat combo would make for a fantastic centerpiece of a steampunk costume that is sure to attract some attention as well as gray and black, it is also available in red if you are looking to make a bold steampunk statement. 


A simple yet highly elegant blouse, this top would make for a more subtle steampunk look. That being said, you could easily take the look-up a notch if you so choose to by adding various accessories.

As well as being lovely to look at, this top is also well-made (just like all the items sold by TheVintageDressRoom!), created from chiffon with a sheer panel on the bust, a high-necked pussy bow tie at the collar, short flutter styled sleeves, workable buttons (complete with elasticated loops) and a cinched-in waist.

Flattering and sophisticated, this blouse could easily be worn alone or as part of a steampunk outfit. 


This blouse has a beautiful look that would be perfect if you are opting for a look that is closer to the Victorian-style side of steampunk fashion. The fully boned corset features traditional lacing on the front with mock buttons and a notched neckline.

There are buttons on the back too, along with a lace bustle, which is also present on the deep lace trim of the three-quarter length flared sleeves. The blouse also features a back zip for easy access.

The green color palette makes for a more colorful steampunk fashion item that is built to fit a curvier frame.  


Another top that has more of a gothic vibe, this all-black bell-sleeved shirt is splendidly fashionable and plus-sized to accommodate bigger wearers.

The fabric of the top has some stretch to it and the waist is adjustable thanks to the wide corset front, complete with a satin ribbon to emphasize that gothic steampunk feels.

The side zip closure allows for easy access too, and the slim fit arms - complete with ribbon and lace accents - make for another sophisticated take on the plus-sized steampunk look. 


If there is one thing that we know about skirts in steampunk fashion, it is that the more ruched, ruffled, and uneven it is, the better! The vibrant, sapphire blue steampunk skirt (it is also available in purple as a separate listing) ticks all the right boxes in this regard.

You can wear it in three different ways- as an asymmetric ruched skirt, a long, frilly skirt, or a bustle skirt - offering a great deal of versatility.

A corset ribbon at the front allows you to adjust the nature of the ruching on the skirt by simply sliding and pulling the ribbon until you find the look that you are aiming for.

The skirt is also unique as it is made from sateen fabric - complete with smooth, satin for the underlining and the interior - which is slightly different from the usual steampunk fashion materials.

Steampunk fashion tends to focus on materials like cotton, leather, and lace, though of course, that is just a typical style.

Steampunk blends various elements of Victorian-era fashion into its clothing designs, and that is exactly what this particular skirt does, with its satin material and shimmering finish.

The high rise of the waistband also offers a flattering look that is sure to accentuate your curves. This take on the steampunk/gothic skirt is sure to make an incredible statement, no matter how you choose to wear it. 


Another skirt that has plenty of ruffles and that ruched look synonymous with steampunk fashion, this vintage skirt comes in a wide range of sizes - from small to 3XL at the largest, making it a great option for plus sizes but also for all shapes and sizes.

The skirt is available in tons of colors, but the striped pattern is recurrent in each different version, albeit in different styles and with different levels of thickness on the stripes.

The thicker stripes offer a look that is most in line with what we see when we consider steampunk fashion, but any of the different colors with thinner stripes would also work excellently.

The stretch at the waist makes for maximum comfort, whilst the lightweight materials are easy to wear as well as being durable and stylish. The contrast of the vertical stripes with the cinched ruffles creates an eye-catching skirt that exudes steampunk flair. 


This dress is another option that comes in a wide variety of sizes, including large, extra-large, 2XL, and 3XL, which allows for plus-size steampunk enthusiasts to give it a try.

Gothic in style, this dress is available in green, black, and red and gets its steampunk look from its detachable crisscross lacing, the lace accents, the ruffled hemline, and rose-like patterns embroidered into the lace.

The fit and flare shaping of the dress is also in line with the skirts and dresses of steampunk fashion, which tend to accentuate the waistline, hide the stomach, and show off curves.

Put a corset or a bodice on over the top of this dress and add some opaque pantyhose or leggings to rock that steampunk style, no matter what size you are!


This lovely, Victorianesque skirt is similar to the other ruched ones we have looked at here today, but the eye-catching ruffles at the waist make it a little more unique.

Available in sizes from small all the way up to 4XL, this skirt comes in black, red, rose, or coffee color and features an asymmetric design (you know much steampunk fashion loves a bit of asymmetry if you have read this far!), a lace-up waist, and those aforementioned waist ruffles.

It has a look that seems to have been pulled straight out of a Victorian romance novel, but it could easily be transformed into a steampunk dream by adding some extra accessories, a corset, or an overcoat to name just a few suggestions.

This skirt would be a brilliant option if you are looking for a slightly different - yet still super stylish- steampunk look.

Final Thoughts

From this list, it is easy to see that there are a wide variety of options available when it comes to finding steampunk-styled fashion items in a bigger size.

Steampunk is a look that may be considered to be unique and somewhat quirky by some, but it is also one that can let your personality shine through whilst giving you the confidence to be who you are and to wear what you want, no matter what your size might be.

Whether you are plus-sized, extra small, somewhere in between, or something entirely different, steampunk urges you to be yourself with its unique fashion. 

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