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The steampunk look is highly popular for both men and women, thanks to the increasing popularity of the subculture of steampunk that has occurred over the years.

When it comes to women’s steampunk-themed fashion, there are tons of recognizable items that you can immediately pinpoint, such as corsets, hats, goggles, and more. Dresses are a great way to show off your love of all things steampunk.

They come in a wide variety of styles, including handmade, costume, and gothic to name just a few variations. Due to the popularity of steampunk, there are also tons of options available for kids to delve into the steampunk fashion sphere too!

With this in mind, we are going to be taking a look at some awesome steampunk dresses - for both women and girls - of all different kinds, from the intricate to the simplistic. Let’s begin!

Steampunk Dresses For Women


Steampunk Ruffled Open Shoulder Short Sleeves Irregular Lace Dress from Devil Inspired

This cotton dress features a beautiful, asymmetrical design for the open-shouldered design, (irregular hems and asymmetry are a popular feature of steampunk-inspired dresses) with ruffling on the sleeves, an irregular flounce hemline, and a lace-up back.

It is simplistic in style, but versatile, able to be paired with all sorts of steampunk-themed accessories to bring the look to life.

Team this dress up with a leather corset or bodice, plus some high boots and steampunk-themed jewelry, to get a cute and striking steampunk look.


Black Victorian Steampunk Dress from VictorianChoice on Etsy

This dark and gorgeous dress goes all-in on the Victorian themes with a floor-length skirt, a button-up bodice (attached to the Victorian military accented overcoat that comes with it), and simple yet elegant decorative buttons.

This is certainly a fantastic look if you're looking for a top-of-the-line Victorian steampunk costume.

The dress is made from textured cotton and features ruffled edging, lace accents, and double cuffed sleeves, all of which are sure to make a strong fashion statement. 


Lenore Victorian Medieval Steampunk Dress Jacket Coat

Although this particular piece doubles as both a coat and a dress (it has a very high front, so you couldn't really wear it as a dress alone!), we are still going to mention it is as it is absolutely divine.

The Lenore is another option that very much focuses on the Victorian nature of the steampunk genre.

However, its simple design and versatile look allow it to be paired with a range of accessories and clothing items - such as leggings, corsets, and jewelry- to turn it into a sensational steampunk outfit.  

This dress jacket is handmade from polyester and lace and is available in four different colors - black, red, white, and beige- to suit your tastes and accommodate the sort of steampunk look that you are searching for.


Steampunk Corset Dress from BestGoodThingz On Etsy

This corset dress is the definition of traditional steampunk (though steampunk fashion has no strict limitations) in that it reflects the usual look of what someone might imagine when thinking of a steampunk dress.

It features tons of the common elements associated with women’s steampunk fashion, such as a corset, leather, ruffles, straps, and a dress that has a longer back and a shorter front. It is the perfect example of stereotypical steampunk couture, but this is far from a negative point.

This dress would be fantastic to pair with leggings, pantyhose, and an overcoat to create a traditionally beautiful steampunk look.


Pentagramme Brown Stripe Vintage Steampunk Irregular Vest Dress from DarkInCloset

This dress is similar to the above dress from Pentagramme Brown in that it has a short length, but it has a completely different design that still manages to fit neatly in with the steampunk vibe.

This high-low dress has a lace-up back and an irregular ruffled hemline, which is created by double layers of skirt. The top part is more corset-like in design, which is another item commonly used in steampunk women's attire.

It is then topped off with a leather waistband with laced accents, which breaks up the dress whilst injecting even more steampunk style thanks to the use of PU leather.


Pentagramme Brown Stripe Vintage Steampunk Irregular Vest Dress from DarkInCloset

Irregularities are all the rage when it comes to steampunk dresses! This dress features the aforementioned irregular hemline and a lace-up back, but it is the wide leather belt - with belt buckle accents - that spices this piece up a little.

This vest dress would be great to use for layering with other items, such as by adding a high necked, ruffle collared shirt underneath.

Layering is an essential element of steampunk fashion, and this dress lends itself to plenty of fashionable and eye-catching layers.


Punk Rave Ivory Vintage Steampunk Do Old Asymmetric Sleeveless Dress from DarkinCloset

This Punk Rave dress offers a more modern twist on the steampunk dress, with a simple yet well-detailed look that could make for a fantastic steampunk outfit if layered with an overcoat or waistcoat.

It has the traditional irregular hemline, but it also features a diamond-shaped area of meshing that makes for a worn and torn look that is also commonly used in steampunk fashion.

There are also some little details here and there that top off the dress nicely, such as an adjustable, buckled shoulder strap, double braces on the side, and a detachable belt.


Punk Rave Red Steampunk Buckle Belt Long Dress from DarkInCloset

We are going all-in on the gothic theme with this next gorgeous dress! This piece is made from cotton, PU leather, and thin jacquard fabric to create a Victorian look.

Whilst this dress doesn't have an irregular hem, it does have several layers that are different lengths, evoking that irregular tone that flows throughout steampunk fashion.

This is definitely a gothic, Victorian choice when it comes to steampunk fashion, and it is certainly one that will stand out thanks to the inclusion of features such as adjustable buckles, shoulder straps, and special textures.



This dress offers the ultimate look when it comes to gothic steampunk fashion.

The all-black material - consisting of woven and rough inelastic linen - has the well-known irregular hemline look, but this time around it is an optional feature as you can also wear the dress down in a full-length style. 

The dress has two clips attached at the sides that can be used to lift the front, should you so choose to wear it as such.

The most eye-catching element of this dress has got to be the copious amount of straps at the top near the chest and sleeve area.

Steampunk is all about straps, and this dress offers plenty!



The asymmetrical hemline is back in full force with this steampunk dress, which would make a beautiful base for a fully fledged steampunk outfit if combined with other items, such as a bodice or an overcoat.

This dress also features double layers and delicate flower mesh that evokes a Victorian feeling.

There are also some leather straps on the top to hold everything in place whilst getting in that much-beloved leather strap steampunk look.



This cotton dress is another that features a pick-up skirt at the front which is gathered, creating that irregular hemline.

This is a look that also feels like it was inspired by Victorian fashion, particularly so from the nightwear that Victorian women would wear thanks to the short, ruffled sleeves, the lace hems, the lace accents, and the cream/beige color palette.


Steampunk Whiteite Wedding Short Sleeves Dress

If you find yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with the steampunk look, why not get married in it??

This dress offers a steampunk take on a classic wedding dress, complete with an off-the-shoulder style, frilled lace accents, and a lace overskirt that covers the main body of the dress.

This dress could easily be turned into all sorts of steampunk-styled outfits if paired with various accessories and other clothing items. 


Gothic Steampunk Lolita Black Asymmetrical Lace Up Dress

A gothic option that is pretty but also striking and glamorous, this black dress features a wealth of beautiful features, such as a sweetheart neckline, lace-up closure on the corset, lots of black lace accents, and - of course- an irregular hemline.

Whilst this look is more simple than some of the other dresses we have looked at, it is no less lovely and no less steampunk. 



When it comes to a truly eye-catching steampunk dress, this option - from the aptly named online store Dracula Clothing - is a fantastic centerpiece of an outfit.

Sophisticated and elegant, this dress is full length with satin ruffles at the front.

It also features elastic around the sleeves and the bust so that it will be a comfortable fit no matter what size you might be.

This would be an incredible choice to wear to a formal occasion if you are looking to turn some heads and vamp it up a bit!

Pair it with a leather corset or bodice to complete the look. 


Even the dress-up costumes can't shy away from the irregular hemline!

This costume features a fair amount of the traditional elements associated with the Victorian steampunk costume, such as stripy pants, fingerless gloves, a ruffled overskirt, a corset-like top, and even a tiny top hat with lacy accents.

As far as costumes go, this one is a great interpretation of Victorian steampunk fashion. 


When it comes to a stereotypical steampunk look, this costume offers exactly what you might imagine when thinking of a steampunk-based women's outfit.

That doesn't make it any less fun, though! This costume is made of stretch velvet, faux leather, faux suede, and polyester interlock knit.

It also has a velcro table on the back- to get in and out with ease.

The dress itself has a high-low skirt, a dropped v waistline and comes with various accessories, such as a lacy top hat, a sash, goggles, and a cute pair of gloves. 


This costume goes all-in on the industrial themes that revolve around steampunk, including a top hat with a pair of goggles.

The costume itself is made up of a corset style dress with a matching, cropped bolero jacket, making for an outfit that could easily be worn by fans of steampunk and those who are just looking for a cool-looking costume for a special occasion!


This particular steampunk-themed costume ventures into the prettier side of steampunk, thanks to the ruffling of the skirt, the bow accents, the buttoned front, and the short length.

Looking very much like a coat and dress combo, this would be a lovely costume for steampunk fans, but also a pretty piece to wear in general.

It is also available in four different colors: blue, black, red, and purple. 

Steampunk Dresses For Kids


Kids can get in on the fun of steampunk too, and this costume is one of the better ones available that perfectly encapsulates the basic steampunk vibe.

It is made up of a dress with an attached petticoat and additions such as a choker, buttons for the dress, a brooch, steampunk goggles, and fingerless gloves.

These costumes are a great way to introduce kids to the style of steampunk in a fun manner and let them enjoy it!


Another great costume for kids, this one boasts a Victorian style in the title, but it could easily double as a general steampunk look.

The outfit is a blouse made to look like a corset with an attached skirt, a pair of stripy pants, and boot covers.

The blouse and boot covers are adorned with patterns made up of gears and cogs, invoking the classic mechanical imagery associated with steampunk.

Although this costume may not have as many accessories as some of the others we are looking at, it is a simple yet stylish take on the look that is sure to be loved by kids. 


If they are a little too old for the kid's outfits, but definitely not old enough for the adult ones, consider this tween steampunk costume!

It has a lot of similarities with the adult costumes but is a little more modest for the younger generation.

This tween costume features a bodice front with puffy sleeves and side panels made from faux suede.

It also has some cute accents, such as cord lacing on the bust, a high ruffled collar, and a keyhole-shaped hole covered by mesh just under the collar.

As well as the dress, the costume comes with a hat (and a scarf to decorate it with) as well as gloves and goggles to create the ultimate steampunk look for tweens.

Final Thoughts

Steampunk is usually associated with certain looks and themes, but from this list, it is easy to see that there is so much more to steampunk fashion and steampunk-styled dresses than meets the eye.

There is a vast and wide range of dress styles and designs that carry the steampunk theme so that no matter what your personal style tastes might be, you are sure to find something that takes your liking even if you didn't consider yourself a steampunk fan.

Whether you are into a darker, more gothic look, a classical, industrial, goggle toting look, or just a simple look that you can also wear for other occasions too, steampunk as a fashion has a lot to offer and is so much more than what some might expect!

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