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Steampunk may be a word that brings to mind images of clockwork automatons or utopian cities complete with Victorian vehicles. But did you know that you can now live out your steampunk fantasy by purchasing a range of different costumes and garments? 

In fact, the internet is now bursting with countless websites that specialize in the production of steampunk costumes, with each one boasting its own selection of clothing and accessories. So if you are interested in adopting the steampunk aesthetic, then you have come to the right place. 

In the following article, we have gathered some steampunk costume ideas to help inspire your new fashion sense. Whether you are looking for skirts or top hats, this guide has everything you need to transform yourself into a steampunk character. So why not take a look and see what options catch your eye…


If you identify as female and want to dress up as your favorite steampunk character, there’s nothing more suitable than a skirt or bustle. 

Not only do these garments look beautiful when worn, but they also showcase the juxtaposition between futuristic technology and 19th-century fashions. 

However, the kind of skirt you purchase does rely on your own character and the personality you wish to convey, whether that be a sophisticated noblewoman or a leader of the criminal underworld. 


One of the best things about waistcoats is that they are unisex and can be worn by anyone hoping to invoke their steampunk fantasy. 

While these pieces of clothing are known for their association with the Victorian era, steampunk variations will often put a unique twist on the classic design. 

In some cases, steampunk waistcoats will sport intricate patterns of silver and gold, while others will come complete with clockwork accessories and additions. 

No matter what waistcoat you choose, they are a great way to add some flare to your final look. 


While trousers may be the default choice of male steampunk enthusiasts, this does not mean that they are limited to one gender. In fact, you can also purchase a range of other products from bloomers to leggings. 

In most cases, trousers help to complete the dashing gentleman look, as they are often a plain and simple way to finish your ensemble. 

However, when it comes to bloomers, you can transform yourself into a steampunk adventurer, one who is exploring the rainforests of a forgotten land. 

Goggles & Masks 

When it comes to steampunk, there is nothing more iconic than a pair of goggles, especially when they have been decorated with various bobbins and accessories. 

While it is possible to wear 19th-century garb and look the part, we recommend rounding off the look with a pair of goggles, as this will firmly cement your character as a being from another world. 

However, if you find goggles overdone, then you can finish off your ensemble with the addition of a mask, which is another staple of the steampunk genre. 

Masks can be found in various shapes and sizes, although the most common among the steampunk community is the plague doctor mask, as it recalls the aesthetic of the past. 


The only way to complete a steampunk look is by topping it off with a beautiful headpiece, whether that be an embellished top hat or victorian bonnet. 

Of course, top hats remain a firm favorite when it comes to headgear, as they offer more room for decoration and accessories. 

For example, steampunk top hats will often sport clockwork additions or even a pair of goggles wrapped around the brim. In some cases, top hats will also feature a train of material, which helps to give them a more distinctive and feminine look. 


However, if you want something more historically accurate, it is also possible to wear bonnets or wide-brim hats, as these can also be decorated with feathers, gears and other assortments. 

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