Steampunk Corsets

Steampunk has a subgenre of clothing that is centered around merging science fiction, retro futuristic and Victorian style.

Steampunk merges the romantic view of the Victorian era and the elements of  the industrial revolution in Europe.

The design also has a post apocalyptic vibe to it. Steampunk is more than clothing, it is hairstyles, jewelry, body modifications and make up designs.

The more modern ideals will include varies t-shirts with different designs, and loose fit trousers like jeans with accessories like belts and gun holders.

Steampunk also blends elements of burlesque, vampire, fetishism, goth, and Lolita into their clothing.  

Corsets are a staple in a steampunk, the bulky yet feminine addition to the outfit that the corset adds is super desirable in the steampunk aesthetic.

Linking back into the Victorian style that steampunk had taken interpretation from, corsets were originally designed as a support garment to help assist the torso into the desired shape.

The desired shape at that time was a smaller waist, bigger bottom and larger, more defined breasts.

In the steampunk element, only the corset is worn on the top half of the body, the layering nature of the Victorians isn't influenced here.

Steampunk corsets are typically darker in colour and tend to have a lot of additions like belts and buckles.


Adele Steampunk Longline Overbust Corset.

This gorgeous sleeveless corset is covered in a beautiful fabric. The rust orange with this map design with detailed eyes spread out throughout the corset.

Due to the detailed nature of this corset, it really does not need much more to complete a look. The lack of buckles, belts, and sleeves makes for a timeless corset.

This corset is also completely customizable, you have to input your measurements. The opening is completely interchangeable, ranging with nine different options, for example rope, clasps, zippers, and buttons.

The corset also contains twelve spiral steel bones spread evenly throughout the corset. The lining of the corset is also 100% cotton for that extra comfort. 


  • A timeless design, this corset had the ability to be worn with varies fits.
  • Customizable, in both size and design.
  • Price: $$


Brown Longline Steampunk Corset.

This corset is the definition of steampunk! This functional, head turning, medieval inspired corset is giving me The Witcher vibes!

The corset contains the traditional brown brocade design with the additional leatherette detailing. With a waist-reduction of three to four inches, this corset is going to make you look snatched.

Ranging in four different designs, black, brown, red, and black with gold brocade detailing. Each version of this corset is completely stunning and interchangeable with varies outfits, so this is worth every penny.

This corset also features multiply pockets and elements, a leather panel and that brocade print that is tying the whole corset together, metaphorically, the fully adjustable lace corset coding is holding the whole corset together, literally.

The sweetheart neckline is great for both fuller chests and smaller chest. The outer lateral is made up of 100% polyester and the inside lining is 100% cotton twill.

The corset also comes equipped with ten lightweight steel bones.


  • Waist-reduction of three to four inches.
  • Different colors and designs. 
  • The sizing ranging is massive, however, they are experiencing some lack of stock issues at the moment may make it difficult to find your size.
  • Price: $$


Steampunk Buckled Corset with Separate Lace Bolero.

The delicate lace overlay is what is really selling this corset. This is an overbust corset, so the main goal of this corset is keeping your breasts secure. The beautiful black matte satin is highlighted but the gold detailing, this is really giving it the regal vibe!

The numerous leather straps, bronze buckles and golden eyelets is what is giving the corset that steampunk aesthetic we are used to.  

Both feminine yet aggressive this the best way I can describe this corset,  the lace jacket is offering arm and shoulder coverage which is difficult to find in  steampunk corsets. This shape wear also offer up to four inches of waist-reduction.

This corset also contains a fully adjustable structure with a crisscross lace. There is also an option of front and back modesty panels if you require more coverage.

There is also hip gores and a steel busk, overall a gorgeous corset.


  • A lace overlay.
  • Adjustable structured corset.
  • Outer material is made up of 100% polyester, the inside is made up of 100% Cotton.
  • Waist-reduction.
  • Six suspender loops.
  • Price: $$$


Real Double Row Steel Boned Underbust Velvet Corset

This velvet underbust corset comes in with five different shades, all of which are completely breathtaking and adaptable to various looks.

This corset is specifically designed for wider hips, by tightening up your waist, this corset is really going to show off your curves. On the short side of the corsets in this list, there is still twenty steel bones throughout the back and front of the corset.  

The outside is made of a velvet material, which is a creating a glassy look to this corset. The inside material is made up of 100% cotton for added comfort.

There is also a modesty panel on the back to help cover you up. With the standard crisscoss rope design on the back and with small metal clasps in the front.

The only real shame about is particular corset is that it lacks the custom additions that others offer.  


  • Range of colors.
  • Unique design that can be paired with different clothing genres.
  • A half corset, this is giving more freedom into how it is worn.
  • Price:$


Corsets are vital to a steampunkers wardrobe; they are often the key part of the outfit. During my research, I learned, there are thousands and thousands of options out there.

Whether you want an overbust or a underbust, a half corset or a full corset, your arms open or covered? They got you! With simpler designs in a matte black or eccentric patterns and details, steampunk corsets got it all!

A perfect investment for your steampunk collection.

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