Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Hair in a Ponytail

Black Widow does a lot of good. From fighting to the sister-in-law relationship to comedy, there was so much to love about this movie.

But personally, there was a little aspect of this movie that really solidified this movie as a win in my book. It was the only fact that Scarlett Johansson wore her hair in almost every fight scene.

Since the dawn of time, action movies have loved to feature their female protagonists in fight sequences with their hair down, usually blown by the wind behind them as they casually leap through the air or sprint out of danger.

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In one way or another they manage to scale buildings, fight alien robots, and generally turn around without their hair blinding the view.

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And for years, it was the same with Natasha in every Marvel movie – to the point where Yelena even laughed at her iconic hair trick.

But in Black Widow, Natasha actually tied her hair back for most of the fight / action footage (which 99.9% of real women would). Like here, on the Budapest stage:

Or here it was happily braided as she was thrown across the deck by Taskmaster.

And then we have hella braids more ponytail when she beats Dreykov.

Scarlett herself even said she was grateful for the shift from “hyper-sexualizing this character” to one that truly became her own. The hair almost looks like a metaphor for it.

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“It all has to do with this distancing from the kind of hyper-sexualization of this character,” she said. “I mean you look back Iron man 2 and even though it was really fun and there were a lot of good times, the character is so sexualized, you know? “

Honestly, I hardly ever have my hair down, even when I’m just walking around my apartment, so you can bet your last dollar that I would put it in for a day filled with racing and fighting.


Good luck doing that ^ with your hair down.

Not that I don’t really like Natasha’s hair! Putting it out of the way just feels more practical and realistic.

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