Racism Charges Surface After Nelly’s Concert Was Slammed in Northern Idaho | The music

Idaho town at center of controversy after criticizing Nelly’s concert scheduled for the North Idaho State Fair next month, calling his music vulgar.

The Texas-born rapper is scheduled to perform on August 23 in Coeur d’Alene. According to KPVI, an email channel titled “Woah Nelly” circulated with several people “appalled at the actions of the fair’s board of directors in selecting rapper entertainment for the fair.”

Duane Rasmussen, which is part of the email chain, says the fair sacrifices its traditional values ​​for the income of out-of-state visitors.

“Maybe the North Idaho Fair Board has already made enough money selling tickets to the people of Seattle and Portland to ignore any attempted boycott,” says Rasmussen’s email, which he said. also transmitted to The Coeur d’Alene Press. “Raising money through ticket sales to people who live in CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Area) and CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Demonstration) may well help us get through the financial difficulties of the past year, but is this what we are willing to sell our souls culture for?

Rich Loudenback is secretary of the Coeur d’Alene John Birch Society. The John Birch Society has been described as a “far right” organization known to be a conspiratorial wing of American conservatism. The organization has seen an increase in support during the Trump administration, with Infowars and like-minded organizations supporting its political philosophies. Louderback criticized the reservation. In a press release sent to The Coeur d’Alene press, he said his views are shared by “a lot of people in the area.”

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“I wonder if someone on the far left who is engrossed in creating whatever is possible to undermine the values ​​and way of life of our traditional communities is behind influencing the weak people of? spirit of the KC Fair Board and our County Commissioners by selling them on this foolish move to upset our peaceful fair with people like Nelly, ”the email from Loudenback read. “Talk about selling your soul to the devil for money.”

The email continues: “We are not old people who deny the changing times. We are serious, responsible citizens with a moral character who recognize the growing filth and depravity of our energized youth when we see them. Nelly is not Elvis Presley.

On the other hand, the Rev. Van NoyPastor of Candlelight Christian Fellowship Church says he and Coeur d’Alene Mayor Steve Widmyer have received calls from people who believe the Grammy-winning rapper is being discriminated against because of his race.

“This I find appalling! Judging a person on the basis of their ethnicity is condemned in the scriptures and is an insult to our Creator, ”he said, according to ToutHipHop. “I’ve been asked for help navigating through what could damage the reputation of the local community – and I will.”

Van Noy claimed that the producers at the fair “made a bad choice in inviting such entertainment to our local state fair”.

“Concerns about both the shameful lyrical message and recent issues with the artist’s reputation, the upheaval of the community and how to handle the issues. On the other end of the phone I heard panicked, frightened, broken, disturbed and hurt people – one of whom was hurt and crying – by what were seen as threats from “conservatives and Christians in” mission of destruction ””, the Rev. Van Noy wrote. “At least one person suggested the reluctance against this gig / artist was race-related.”

ToutHipHop reports that the preacher was asked if he could sit on the fair committee next year, and he agreed.

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