Mindy Kaling reveals what bothered her at the office

Mindy Kaling‘s Office the character was often bored, but it turned out that the actress herself was sometimes frustrated when filming the beloved comedy.

42 year old man I have never co-creator appeared on Watch what is happening live Tuesday July 20, where the host Andy cohen Got her to talk candidly about an aspect of NBC’s Emmy-winning series that she wished she could change.

“Do you have a pet peeve among coworkers? Andy asked the Late at night actress. This led Mindy to respond, “Coworker # 1’s pet peeve? We used to keep Office put very cold. It was about 60 degrees. “

She added: “And I remember not being able to do anything about it. It’s just a little cold.”

Andy clearly appreciated this response and replied, “Temperature monitor! “

Elsewhere during the interview, Andy asked Mindy that she and Brooklyn nine-nine co-creator Dan Goor are currently working on the screenplay for the third film of the The revenge of a blonde franchise.

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