Men’s Steampunk Clothing And Costumes

Steampunk has that unique mash-up of Victorian-Esque clothing and mid-western aesthetics, that we just can’t seem to get enough of.

It encompasses the look of the ultimate Victorian gentleman with the use of sleek jackets and waistcoats, thrilling top hats, and romantic linen shirts.

Cravats are also a popular clothing and costume choice, as they can easily excite up an outfit if it’s looking a bit bland. (Bland in Victorian gentleman terms, anyway!)

Many theaters and musicals make use of things like cravats to finish off an aged outfit, and while they certainly have the appearance of Victorian garments, they are made slightly different due to time constraints and equipment and materials being more expensive, the more complex a piece is.

But, if you can encapsulate the steampunk energy into your costumes and outfits, the way that they have been made will not matter as they did 150 years ago!

Whether you’re attending a fancy dress costume party, want to experiment with wearing steampunk clothing on a daily basis, or are hosting your first masquerade party.

We’ve got some fabulous ideas revolving around men’s steampunk clothing and costumes for you! Open up a whole other world of fashion today. 


This shirt really is a perfect combination of mid-western aesthetics and Victorian clothing, the outfit is clearly inspired by the wild west with the cut of the linen shirt, and the Victorian edge comes through in the color choices and plethora of buttons fastenings, running double-breasted.

The collar is certainly representative of western shirts, looking to maintain some modern and futuristic characteristics to an aged shape.

It’s available in 20 different color variations, which is fantastic for the modern-day gentleman to take the best pick out of a beautifully made shirt.

We personally love the classic dark colors, however, some brighter variations may be suited for certain parties and celebrations. It’s truly a costume that delivers in the end for the steampunk community.

Some features, which we think are unique to this costume shirt, are:

  • Fine linen fabric
  • Antique metal buttons
  • Front removable bib
  • Unique cut


There’s just something about ruffles on a man that is the epitome of romanticism. Today, it would be seen as too feminine at heart. But over 150 years ago during especially the renaissance, men wore ruffles and more stereotypically feminine clothing to show their wealth amongst the commoners.

The color showed how wealthy you were, and the more expensive a color was to make, the more it signified your overall wealth.

So, green would be extremely wealthy because factories had to mix two colors together to make it, rather than extracting it from one plant or powder to make one color.

Nevertheless, this black, steampunk-inspired pirate top or shirt is just magnificent! The ruffle detailing across the chest and neck has been beautifully placed, and the collar leading into the fastening is a unique feature.

The ruffled cuffs also just scream dramatic, and they have a sensual nature that brings you back in time to a whole other world of dramatics.

Some features that we think are interesting, are:

  • Long sleeves with ruffled cuffs
  • Stand collar
  • Loose fit
  • Solid black color throughout


We just are blown away by the cut and shape of these men’s retro and leather long trench coats. The shine to that leather, alongside the kick-out the length of the coat has, is amazing!

It’s more simplistic than other pieces of steampunk costumes, however, all the work is done for you with this piece. It’s sophisticated, with a sexy edge to it. Perfect for steampunk fashion.

The coat actually screams vampire hunter, to be honest, and I’m living for it!

With coats like these, it really is all about paying attention to the details, the lining is stark red, and this with the shiny black for the main fabric, is a wonderful combination.

If it had a black lining to match the outside, this would change the garment completely. Subtle details like this make or break outfits in the fashion industry, and the same happens with costumed.

This one has gone the extra mile for a reason! Each pattern piece for this garment has been styled and adapted to support that kick that the length of the coat has, it’s rather similar to how women’s and men’s coats were made in the 50s.

That extra bit of flare is dramatic, but works.

Some other features that we think are so interesting, are:

  • Tailcoat fit
  • Button fastening
  • Scarlet red lining


The beauty of this jacket is just stunning in its overall cut. The shaping at the bottom on either side of the jacket is striking, and you can easily imagine a butler-style train following the back of the jacket to the back of the knees.

Again, this is more of a subtle garment in terms of the potential behind steampunk, however, the Victorian gentleman has subtleties to their clothing that made them appear more refined with sensibility being pulled into the equation.

One must remain a mystery to those who haven’t met him before if you will. Therefore, this piece would be the perfect costume for a party surrounding the Victorian era.

The open collar maintains some modern fixtures in the garment, to play on that futuristic play of what steampunk is. If it weren’t for the shape of the jacket and the double-breasted fastening, this would be a regular jacket you’d see anyone wearing.

The button fastening is also very Napoleon Bonaparte in how they travel up the torso towards the neck.

This creates a different kind of silhouette compared to modern-day jackets, including double-breasted tailored ones.

Some features we find fascinating, are:

  • Turn-down collar
  • Slim fit with two pockets
  • The range of color options


We just love the playfulness to this piece, the waistcoat is fitted in just the way you’d expect from any other waistcoat today, however, the patterns are signified by the Victorian era with a splash of turquoise coloring and copper pigments.

Many men of the time would wear simple colors in the Victorian era, patterns were a rare occurrence, but nevertheless, they were worn when men wanted to show off their wealth in a more flashy way.

This waistcoat would be a fantastic addition to any steampunk costume wardrobe as it could easily be worn on a daily basis and no one would be none the wiser.

The pattern isn’t dramatic, but it’s sophisticated in a subtle way. Showing off a bit more refinement to one's clothing choices.

Some features that we think are so unique, are:

  • Available in limitless colors for the bold and the brave
  • Sleeveless
  • Retro England style
  • Single-breasted
  • Gold or silver threads
  • Three real pockets

Final Thoughts

Steampunk Clothing And Costumes

There really are limitless amounts of ways to spice up your steampunk clothing costumes, and these are just some options available out there. Whether you’re a fan of fitted waistcoats or dramatic flares in your coats and jackets.

There is a steampunk costume for you! We personally loved the ruffled pirate shirt, as this is a playful piece of costume clothing that any gender can embrace themselves in.

Why not try it out in multiple colors to keep yourself excited and satisfied by your unique steampunk wardrobe.

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