Lorde and Seth Meyers went out for a drink for a day – and it was royally hilarious

Seth Meyer and Lorde just had a different kind of buzz – one of the day drinking.

For the July 21 episode of Late at night, the host and singer met at Zero Bond in New York City, where they enjoyed booze and laughs.

After starting the day with beers, Seth served Lorde a martini and gave her a few cocktails inspired by her songs. For example, he made a concoction called Solar Energy, named after his new album and single, which contained “a lot of energy” and consisted of iced coffee, Red Bull, espresso beans, and Four Loko. Seth also took inspiration from his track “Ribs” by serving a drink made up of gin and (you guessed it) ribs.

Then, it was time for some drinking games. Lorde and Seth wondered about New Zealand and New England slang and, as an ode to his no. 1 stroke, they each toasted on their knowledge of royalty.

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