Lil Nas X is warning fans ahead of time that his new song is “NOT FOR YOUR CHILDREN!”

Roommates Lil Nas X prepares his fans as he prepares to release his new single, but to avoid the inevitable backlash, he’s making sure parents know to keep their kids away. Speaking to social media, Lil Nas X warned that his new single “Industry Baby” was “NOT FOR YOUR KIDS!”

When he’s not making music, Lil Nas X is perfectly at ease on social media making sure his troll playing is as loud as ever – and though he’s added a bit of predictable humor to the warning of the content of his new single, the message was pretty clear.

After receiving a whirlwind of reactions that still has lingering effects due to the release of his controversial “Call Me By Your Name” video and Satan sneakers, Lil Nas X appears to be facing any future controversy by letting it be known what fans to expect.

On Twitter he posted “saying this in advance so you don’t blame me.” THE ‘INDUSTRY BABY’ VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOUR KIDS! The single has been confirmed to be co-produced by Kanye West, who also has new music coming soon.

Last month, Lil Nas X was in the hot seat when he engaged in a same-sex kiss at the end of his performance at this year’s BET Awards.

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