Kanye West lives in a dorm

It gives me college dorm vibes in first year.

In case you didn’t know somehow, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian lived in a $ 50 million mansion that they turned into a bleed pad with some sort of “abandoned museum” eclectic.

The living room has a comfortable “morgue” feel.

The hallways give energy to the fat “dead sister at the end of the hall”.

And sometimes they just empty the living room to install a single piano in it and hang interesting flower arrangements from the ceiling.

Rumor had it that they were keeping Kenny G in the basement.

Via @kimkardashian

They let him go out on vacation like Valentine’s Day.

My favorite part was how they decorated their hallways with piles of pumpkins on Halloween.

Like, literally just piles of pumpkins.

But as we know, Kim and Kanye divorced.

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And now Kanye is releasing a new album titled Donda.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Universal Music Group

The album isn’t really finished, so Kanye will stay at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta until he finishes the record.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Universal Music Group

Yes, he’s locked in an entire stadium.

Sportswire Icon / Sportswire Icon via Getty Images

Kanye shared a photo of his bedroom on Instagram, and it couldn’t be more opposed to what he’s used to:

It’s very … heterosexual.

There are no windows, cinder block walls, a twin bed, and a few pairs of shoes on the floor.

The only things missing are dorm staples like a toasted Yankee candle.

And a deckchair in front of a small TV.

Good luck with this album! Hope you get out of this room soon.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Universal Music Group

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