Jesse McCartney reflects on the death of Dream Street’s Chris Trousdale

Jesse continues, “You hear it in the first verse. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. At the end of the day, we’re happy. You are my person and I am your person.”

Him and his person—Katie peterson-are in fact planning their dream wedding this fall. He says they plan to tie the knot in the upscale coastal town of Carmel, Calif., In October with around 150 guests.

“I jump in the car and we drive to go see some costumes,” he says. “I don’t know so many things. I worked on my music and Katie took care of everything.”

The main thing will be a surprise for the groom: “I haven’t seen her dress. The first time I’m going to see her is when she walks down the aisle. We don’t take pictures before … I I’m just excited to try the cake. I have to take care of that and the music, of course the music. “

Together, he and Katie starred in the comedy skits “The Quarantined Couple” during the pandemic, as they spent time trying to do “stuff that made us happy.” In reality, it meant, “We also spent a lot of time in the kitchen eating grilled cheese.”

Listen to his latest single here.

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