Camila Cabello responds to Blackface Backlash, backup dancer

Singer Camila Cabello made accusations after one of his backup dancers appeared to perform in blackface during a nighttime appearance Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon July 24.

The Grammy winner came through the show to perform her latest single, “Don’t Go Yet,” and graced the ’80s in the performance, with a Miami Vice theme with costumes worn by herself and them. dancers, according to E! In line.

However, a dancer’s makeup gained attention and people reacted on social media believing it to be a blackface.

“Camila, what was going on with Dylan’s makeup?… Having a dancer do a blackface on stage in 2021 is absurd and you know better than that! say something immediately ”, on Twitter wrote.

Cabello issued an official statement to set the record straight soon after.

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“Hey! So this guy was just supposed to be a white man with a terrible spray tan,” she said. “We deliberately tried to bring together a multicultural group of artists, the expectation wasn’t that everyone in the performance needs to be latin. “

She continued, “There are white people, African Americans, Latinos, etc. and so the goal was also not to try to make everyone look Latin”, adding: “The goal was to ‘trying to make each person look like one on the’ 80s character like in the video, including a white dude with a terrible orange tan.

Watch the performance below:

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