5 Easy Steampunk Do-It-Yourself Projects

5 Easy Steampunk Do-It-Yourself Projects

If you love all things science fiction, vintage, and industrial then you’re surely a Steampunk fan. While Steampunk clothing items and home decorations look great, they’re often pretty expensive to buy new.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best Steampunk-themed DIY projects that are sure to inspire your creative side.

From vintage weaponry to old-timey jewelry, there’s something here for just about every Steampunk fan. Let’s dive in!

Steampunk Goggles DIY

Airship style goggles are a staple accessory in any good Steampunk outfit and are often seen sitting on the rim of a Victorian-style top hat.

While these fancy pieces of eyewear tend to be very expensive to buy, they are surprisingly easy to make at home with spare materials you may already have lying around. Here’s how to make your own.

What You’ll Need

  • Scraps of leather
  • Metal rings/washers
  • Perspex plastic sheeting
  • Buckle
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors


  1. Start by carefully cutting your leather scraps to size, so that they perfectly encase your metal rings. Be sure to leave a hole for your plastic sheeting lenses. 
  2. Next, cut your perspex into two circles and place them in the centre of your metal rings. Glue them in place to keep them secure. 
  3. Craft a back head strap using long strips of leather scraps, add the buckle and pierce a few holes to allow for adjustable fitting.
  4. Use metal washers or smaller metal rings to connect the goggle section to the back head strap.
  5. Sew the edges of all of the leather elements to tidy them up, and you’re all done!

Steampunk Gun DIY

Steampunk weaponry are some of the most sought after accessories among the Steampunk fandom. However, they’re also some of the most expensive.

This is because they’re usually made from old-fashioned heavy metals such as brass, bronze, and anything gold plated.

Fortunately, there’s a cheap homemade alternative, and it won’t cost you a fortune! In fact, all you’ll need to get started is a kid’s plastic water pistol. Here’s how you do it.

What You’ll Need

  • Plastic toy gun/water pistol
  • Spray paint
  • Metallic acrylic paint
  • Masking tape
  • Embellishments (optional)


  1. Choose your base color, and spray paint the entire plastic water pistol until it is evenly covered. 
  2. Use masking tape to cover any elements of the gun that you want to keep as the base color, and leave any ‘metallic’ elements, such as screws and the trigger, exposed. 
  3. Using a paintbrush, carefully apply metallic acrylic paint to the uncovered sections of your gun and leave until completely dry.
  4. Carefully peel away the masking tape.
  5. For added embellishments, feel free to glue on some mini cogs or old rusty washers to get that authentic Steampunk vibe and Voila! You have your very own homemade Steampunk gun.

Steampunk Lamp DIY

If you’ve ever been in a bar or restaurant that has quirky industrial decor, then you probably already know what a Steampunk style lamp looks like.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all tend to incorporate old pipes, a large halogen bulb, and sometimes a gauge or clock face for added industrial effect.

These can be pretty pricey to buy brand new, so why not make your own at home from junk you already have lying around? Here’s how.

What You’ll Need

  • Old metal piping and/or metal taps
  • Large filament bulb
  • Electrical fittings/power cord
  • Spanner
  • Spray paint


  1. Start by working out your wiring setup. We recommend using a pre-bought power cord, but if you’re experienced with electrical wiring, you can splice and solder the wires before using electrical tape to hold it all together.
  2. Next, gather all of your old metal piping and arrange them in a way that looks good. This step can take some time, just play around with them until it makes you happy.
  3. Once you’ve got your lamp shape, drill a hole large enough to fit your power cord through and sand the edges until smooth.
  4. Spray paint your metal piping until it’s evenly covered and resembles a Steampunk lamp.
  5. Put all of your parts together, thread the electrical cable through the pipes and hole, and screw in your large filament light bulb.

Steampunk Brooch DIY

Steampunk jewelry is extremely popular, and it’s easy to see why. They can be used to add a dash of whimsical science fiction to an otherwise ordinary outfit or to pull together an elaborate cosplay.

Whatever your reason, a Steampunk brooch makes for a unique accessory that’s sure to turn some heads. What’s more, these can be made with junk you’ll find lying around your house and shouldn’t cost you a penny.

Here’s how to make your own.

What You’ll Need

  • Large metal washer or large old coin
  • Safety pin
  • Glue gun or super glue
  • Small gears or cogs
  • Craft feathers
  • Printer
  • Old jewelry chain
  • Needle nosed pliers


  1. To begin, attach your safety pin to the back of your large washer or coin using glue or very strong tape. 
  2. Once the glue has dried, print out an image of a vintage clock face, ensuring it’s the same size as your washer or coin.
  3. Carefully glue it to the washer. If you want your brooch to be waterproof, you can either laminate your clock face or cover it with thin plastic sheeting cut to size.
  4. Now that you have your clock face, start to add your gears and cogs one by one and secure them in place with super glue. 
  5. For an added touch of elegance, fasten a couple of small craft feathers to the brooch at an angle. 
  6. Using needle-nose pliers, attach some old jewelry chains to the brooch from both ends to create a loop and ta-da! You have your very own DIY Steampunk-style brooch.

Steampunk Apothecary Jar DIY

Nothing says vintage Steampunk like an old-fashioned apothecary jar. These are reminiscent of old medicines and industrial-era decor.

This is probably the easiest DIY project on this list as you can add in pretty much anything you want! It can be completed in less than half an hour and looks great on a bookshelf or in a kitchen pantry.

Here’s how to make your own:

What You’ll Need

  • Old jar or glass bottle
  • Dried foliage or lichen
  • Battery operated fairy lights
  • Metal embellishments (cogs, gears, jewelry charms)
  • Printer


  1. Start by thoroughly cleaning your glass jar or bottle, making sure to remove any fingerprints or dust. 
  2. Next, drop in your battery operated fairy lights. You can leave the large battery section outside of the jar for easy access. Alternatively, you can glue this to the inside of the jar lid to keep it out of sight. 
  3. Add your dried foliage or lichen to the bottom of your jar, placing it gently on top of the fairy lights.
  4. Now, add your funky metal embellishments, such as cogs and old jewelry charms. Just about anything tiny and metal will look great!
  5. Print an apothecary label, you can find lots of free templates online. Glue it to the outside of your glass jar and voila! You have your very own Steampunk-inspired apothecary jar.
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