Tour Dates

August kicks off the fall portion of events for The Steampunk Bible.

In the States, Jeff VanderMeer will be discussing and signing The Steampunk Bible, alongside his new anthology co-edited with Ann VanderMeer.  Those events are here:

August 21, 4pm, Tallahassee, FL, Ray’s Steel City Saloon, lower level (515 John Knox Road):  A book release party in the editors/authors hometown, for The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities and The Steampunk Bible (with coauthor S.J. Chambers).

September 2-5, Atlanta, GA, Dragon*Con and the Decatur Book Festival:  Ann and Jeff VanderMeer will participate on panels and sign books. Including a multi-media presentation on the Cabinet and The Steampunk Bible.

Abroad, S. J. Chambers is taking the book across the Atlantic, to celebrate Steampunk in the U.K. and France.

September 6 (Tuesday), London, U.K., Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors/The Last Tuesday Society, 11 Mare Street, 7 pm–Co-author S. J. Chambers invites you to the official U.K. celebration of her book The Steampunk Bible (Abrams Image).  Part lecture, part signing, and part entertainment, S. J. will be accompanied by contributors Jema Hewitt (author of Steampunk Emporium ) and Sydney Padua (Lovelace & Babbage) for a discussion of the movement, a special performance by Victorian monster hunter, Major Jack Union, and inevitable hi-jinks and shenanigans to later be announced.  Part of the Hendricks lecture series.

September 9-10 (Friday and Saturday), Lincoln, U.K., Weekend at the Asylum, the Exhibition Hall–Coauthor S. J. Chambers will be pairing up with Jema Hewitt (author of Steampunk Emporium) to sign and sell copies of The Steampunk Bible during London’s biggest Steampunk event.

September 16 (Friday), Paris, France, Librairie L’Antre Monde, 142, rue du chemin vert, 6 pm–The French Steampunks’ present Tea Time with S. J. Chambers (coauthor of The Steampunk Bible) and Etienne Barillier (author of Steampunk! and a prominent French Steampunk member) for an evening of discussion, signing, and tasty treats.


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