The Steampunk Bible Index

The fol­low­ing is a prod­uct of dis­cov­ery con­ducted dur­ing the research phase of TSB. It is cur­rently com­prised of peo­ple who responded to a “call for Steam­punks,” as well as a list of the Steam­punk ven­dors and per­sons fea­tured in the book.

Our inten­tion with this Index is to pro­vide read­ers a quick and easy ref­er­ence tool to cre­ators and ven­dors in the com­mu­nity. How­ever, Steam­punk is so vast and expo­nen­tial that we are well aware this Index cur­rently only scratches the sur­face. There­fore, the call that orig­i­nally went out in 2009 is now indef­i­nitely open. If you are inter­ested in being included in this Index, or know of some choice link­age that should be included, please feel free to e-mail Mecha Under­wood at with the creator/vendor name and HTML link.

This Index will be updated monthly.

Art & Makers
Aleks Sen­nwald
Allen Swer­ling
Andrew Lewis
Art Dono­van
Baron Cyrus von Borg
Cory Bark­man
Dr. Gordbort/Weta Workshop
Dr. Grymm
Gothic Ray Gun
Greyshade Estate
J. Wil­helm
Jake Hilde­brandt
Jake Von Slatt
James Ng
John Coulthart
Jon Sar­ri­u­garte
Kinetic Steam Works
Kitty Valen­tine
Kris Kuksi
Krista Bren­nan
The Mad Uncle
Mike Libby
Molly Pork­shanks
Pro­fes­sor von Explaino
Ramona Szczerba
Rick’s Cus­tom Fabrication
Ross Sacket
Sam Van Olffen
Sean Orlando
Stephan Muntaner
Tom Ban­well
Vin­cent Benard/Futurvapeur
Vladimir Gvozdev
Fash­ion & Design
Akasha Afsana
Berit New York
Can­dace Savage
The Cerulean
Dark Nou­veau
Empo­rium, Incog­nito Costumes
Eve­lyn Kriete
Gib­bous Fashions
HMS Chron­abelles
Jema Hewitt
Kit Stolen
Last Wear
Mys­tic Pieces
Par­lia­ment & Wake
Steam­punk Fashion
Film & Comics
Bryan Tal­bot
Dwight MacPher­son
Girl Genius
Hayao Miyazaki
Kazu Kibuishi
Mike Mignola
Molly Crabap­ple
Phil & Kaja Foglio
Syd­ney Padua
The League of STEAM
Thomas S. Brown
Abney Park
The Clock­work Cabaret
Dr. Steel
Gilded Age Records
The Clock­work Quartet
The Dres­den Dolls
The James Gang
The Lisps
Vern­ian Process (Joshua Pfieffer)
Per­for­mance & LARP­ing Groups
Air­ship Isabella Productions
The Steam­punk Family
Tal­loolah Love
The Wan­der­ing Legion
Anna Fisher
Jeremy Faludi
Jess Nobles
Judith Stephens
Lex Machina
Libby Bulloff
Nadya Lev
Nick Win­ter­hal­ter
Yann Langeard
Soci­eties & Groups
Austin Steam­punk Society
Brazil­ian Steampunk
Doc­tor Q and the Arti­fice Club
French Steam­punk
Ital­ian Steampunk
Machina Fatalis
Mus­lim Steam­punk (Yakob Islam)
Sec­ond Life Steam­punk areas
Steam­punk Canada htpp://
Steam­punk Mexico
Steam­punk Ottawa
Venues & Events
The Antipodean League of Tem­po­ral Voyagers
Burn­ing Man
Dav­en­port & Winkleperry
Dunedin Gas­works Museum Trust
Ile de machine, Nantes, France
Inter­na­tional Steam­punk City
Jules Verne Museum
Library of Congress
Mad Sci­en­tist Ball
Maker Faire
New Eng­land Steam­punk Festival
Oxford Steam­punk Exhibit
San Diego Steampunk
SoCal Steam
Steam­punk Canada
The Steam­punk Indus­trial Revolution
Steam­punk World Expo
Steam­punk World Fair
Time Travel Picnic
Vic­to­ria Steam Expo
Week­end at the Asylum
White Mis­chief
Writ­ers & Publishers
Ay-Leen the Peacemaker
Boing Boing
Brass Gog­gles
Bruce Ster­ling
Cake­bread & Walton
Cal­ista Taylor
Cath­erynne M. Valente
Cherie Priest
Chris Ash
Cir­clet Press
Clock­worker: Ger­man Steam­punk Webzine
Desi­rina Boskovich
Dex­ter Palmer
Eka­te­rina Sedia
Fabio Fer­nan­des
G. D. Falksen
Gail Car­ringer
Gate­house Gazette
George Mann
J. K. Potter
Jacques Bar­cia
James Blay­lock
Jay Lake
Jaymee Goh
K.W. Jeter
Karin Lowachee
Lev Rosen
Liz Gorin­sky
Lou Anders
Marc Laid­law
Michael Moor­cock
Mor­gan Guery
Neal Stephen­son
Phillip Pull­man
Romeu Mar­tins
Scott West­er­feld
Sir Fred­er­ick Chook
Steam­punk Magazine
Steam­punk Tribune
William Gib­son


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  1. Look­ing for ven­dors, and groups for a steam­punk vil­lage as part of a Med­i­cine Show in Yuma, Az., Nov. 11 – 13, 2011. Go to for more info or applications.

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