Guest Post by Emilie P. Bush: A Steampunk Bedtime Story

It’s been a month of firsts, here. A love-fest give­away, and now our first guest blog­ger!  We’re thrilled to have author Emi­lie P. Bush in the 2.0 Fac­to­ry.  She has writ­ten two Steam­punk nov­els and a brand new children’s book, HER MAJESTY’S EXPLORER: A STEAMPUNK BEDTIME STORY, which she’s here to talk about, and you can see the book trail­er over at Coal City Press’s blog.  In a genre flood­ed with all man­ner of tales for grown-ups and young adults, graph­ic nov­el read­ers and even poet­ry lovers, this gen­tle tale is one of the first of its kind – a pic­ture book for the small chil­dren. The book is about a young automa­ton that march­es and explores for coun­try, cause and queen [my synaps­es have always fired for a bot in uni­form]. His trav­els make him tired and very dirty. Upon return­ing to his home base, he pre­pares him­self for the adven­ture of going to bed.

Also in this book is a bonus sto­ry, “Three Cheers for Steam­duck,” the tale of St.John Mur­phy Alexander’s plucky bath­tub duck­ie who ven­tures out into the wider world. You can see reviews of the book here and here:

But S. J. asked Emi­lie to call on us today to tell us anoth­er sto­ry, the sto­ry behind Her Majesty’s Explor­er, in which col­lab­o­ra­tion with illus­tra­tor William Kevin Pet­ty was born and raised through the won­ders of com­mu­ni­ty and its mod­ern-con­ve­nient acces­si­bil­i­ty via social net­work­ing.  Thanks to Emi­lie for being here.

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Be Our Valentine Giveaway Winners

Well, that was a lot of fun, and I’m hap­py to announce we have three win­ners!

Anna, Jesse Car­dens, and Natal­ie Zaman.

They will be receiv­ing a spe­cial valen­tine as well as a signed copy of THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE.  Thanks to every­one who par­tic­i­pat­ed and wrote such love­ly and cre­ative things.  It widened the steam-valves of my lit­tle click­ing heart.


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We Love Steampunk for the People : An Exclusive Interview with Airship Archon’s Captain Anthony LaGrange and First Lieutenant Salena van Eycke

Cap­tain Antho­ny LaGrange and First Lieu­tenant Sale­na van Eycke (Sal­ly for short) are crew mem­bers of the immense­ly active and dap­per Air­ship Archon, a Steam­punk group based out of Colum­bus, Ohio found­ed by LaGrange in 2008.  The crew trav­els all over the coun­try pro­mot­ing the imag­i­na­tive pos­si­bil­i­ties of Steam­punk with their unique fash­ions and cel­e­brat­ed events (orga­nized by Miss van Eycke).  Read­ers of The Steam­punk Bible may rec­og­nize LaGrange from two images with­in the Fash­ion chap­ter, dap­per and icon­ic in his sig­na­ture corset.  Fun­ny sto­ry about these images, a bit of mis-infor­ma­tion led us to cred­it LaGrange incor­rect­ly.  Van Eycke imme­di­ate­ly con­tact­ed us about the error (now cor­rect­ed in the recent edi­tions), and from there a con­ver­sa­tion was struck up with S. J., about why the couple/shipmates love Steam­punk.

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Steampunk Revolution: Call for Submissions

Steam­punk Rev­o­lu­tion, edit­ed by Ann Van­der­Meer (co-edi­tor of both Steam­punk and Steam­punk II: Steam­punk Reloaded) to be pub­lished in the Fall 2012 by Tachy­on Pub­li­ca­tions, announces an open read­ing peri­od.

Steam­punk Rev­o­lu­tion fea­tures a rene­gade col­lec­tive of writ­ers and artists — includ­ing steam­punk leg­ends as well as hot, new tal­ents — who are reboot­ing the steam-dri­ven past and pow­er­ing it into the future with orig­i­nal­i­ty, wit, and adven­ture.  Going far beyond corsets and gog­gles, Steam­punk Rev­o­lu­tion is not just a ride in your great-great granddad’s zep­pelin — now it’s a much wilder ride.

Look­ing for reprints only (stan­dard reprint rates apply).  Will­ing to look at all kinds of Steam­punk fic­tion, but main­ly inter­est­ed in work that push­es the bound­aries, that tru­ly is a rev­o­lu­tion to the genre.  Pre­fer works under 10,000 words.

I [Ann Van­der­Meer] will read sub­mis­sions between Feb­ru­ary 1, 2012, and March 1, 2012. Any Eng­lish-lan­guage sto­ry pre­vi­ous­ly pub­lished in the past decade on a web­site or print pub­li­ca­tion is eli­gi­ble for con­sid­er­a­tion. Will­ing to look at all kinds of Steam­punk fic­tion, but main­ly inter­est­ed in work that push­es the bound­aries, that is tru­ly a rev­o­lu­tion to the genre. 

Sub­mis­sions up to 10,000 words should be sent in a Word or RTF doc­u­ment to steam­punkrev­o­lu­tion at Please cut-and-paste the first three para­graphs into the body of your email and include pri­or pub­li­ca­tion infor­ma­tion, but no need to include any bio­graph­i­cal infor­ma­tion about your­self. If you pre­fer, use snail mail by send­ing your work to POB 38190, Tal­la­has­see, FL 32315. Snail mail sub­mis­sions should be marked on the out­side of the enve­lope as for Steam­punk Rev­o­lu­tion con­sid­er­a­tion. No SASE is required if you pre­fer email response. All Sub­mis­sions will be respond­ed to no lat­er than March 31; please do not query about a sub­mis­sion pri­or to that date.

Pay­ment will be on pub­li­ca­tion, at stan­dard reprint rates of one to two cents per word, against a share of any roy­al­ties from the North Amer­i­can or for­eign edi­tions, as well as one con­trib­u­tor copy.

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Be Our Valentine?

Saint Valentine’s Day (1861). Source: Prints and Pho­tographs from the Library of Con­gress (Image own­er: Harper’s Week­ly).

It’s been a great nine months for us here at the 2.0 Fac­to­ry!  So great that we are brim­ming — brim­ming! — with affec­tion­ate appre­ci­a­tion just beg­ging to be shown! Alas, I have nei­ther legs nor mouth, but I can type, by Jove, and post, and I can send parcels to whence my leg­less body can’t roam.  So, it seems that all this points to one cel­e­bra­to­ry option:  a Valentine’s GIVEAWAY! Oh, how grand!  How I can’t wait to send three lucky win­ners a Valen­tine as well as a signed copy of THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE.  But in order to select my three lucky win­ners, we need a con­test, don’t we?

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