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Steampunk Revolution: Call for Submissions

Steam­punk Rev­o­lu­tion, edit­ed by Ann Van­der­Meer (co-edi­­tor of both Steam­punk and Steam­punk II: Steam­punk Reloaded) to be pub­lished in the Fall 2012 by Tachy­on Pub­li­ca­tions, announces an open read­ing peri­od. Steam­punk Rev­o­lu­tion fea­tures a rene­gade col­lec­tive of writ­ers and artists — includ­ing steam­punk… Con­tin­ue read­ingMore

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Be Our Valentine?

It’s been a great nine months for us here at the 2.0 Fac­to­ry!  So great that we are brim­ming — brim­ming! — with affec­tion­ate appre­ci­a­tion just beg­ging to be shown! Alas, I have nei­ther legs nor mouth, but I can type, by Jove, and… Con­tin­ue read­ingMore

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Last Call for Last Tuesday Society

Just a reminder, that S. J. Cham­bers, along with Jema Hewitt, Syd­ney Pad­ua, and Major Jack Union, will be at Vik­tor Wynd’s Lit­tle Shop of Horrors/The Last Tues­day Soci­ety, 11 Mare Street, this Tues­day, Sep­tem­ber 6th.  Doors open at 6Con­tin­ue read­ingMore

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H.M.S. Chronabelle: All Aboard!

While Lady Almi­ra, Cap­tain Mouse, the Grand Duchess and Lady Kodak have grown up togeth­er cre­at­ing their own world  aboard the ship HMS Chron­abelle, they have scat­tered across the coun­try to attend dif­fer­ent col­leges. Despite their sep­a­ra­tion, they always reunite… Con­tin­ue read­ingMore

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The Steampunk Bible Goes to London and Paris!

After com­plet­ing a suc­cess­ful fort­night tour through­out New Eng­land last May, Steam­punk Bible co-author S. J. Cham­bers is jump­ing on a steam­er and head­ing across the Atlantic.  She will be mak­ing two appear­ances, one in Lon­don and one in Paris,… Con­tin­ue read­ingMore

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