Steampunk Chronicle’s 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards

We are proud to have been voted best non-fiction by The Steampunk Chronicle‘s readers.  The awards ceremony was held Sunday night as part of The Artifice Club’s SteamFEST, and while unfortunately neither Jeff nor S.J. could be present, they were able to accept via voice message.  Read by S. J., it said:

Dear Steamers,

Jeff and I are honored by this award.  Our number one goal in writing this book was to show how much momentum is behind this movement, and you can’t have momentum without a wonderful community like you all.  Having our readers within that community vote us best in non-fiction tells us we did accomplish that goal, and inspires us to continue accomplishing it.  Thank you all so much. We could not have done this without you.  Now enough mush– go back to enjoying STEAMFEST!

Jeff and S. J.

Thanks again to the readers, writers, and editors of The Steampunk Chronicle, and especial congrats to all the nominees and winners.

“Steampunk Chronicle’s 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards” was published in Fun times, Laurels, Steampunk Bible Coverage.

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