Be Our Valentine?

Saint Valentine’s Day (1861). Source: Prints and Pho­tographs from the Library of Con­gress (Image own­er: Harper’s Week­ly).

It’s been a great nine months for us here at the 2.0 Fac­to­ry!  So great that we are brim­ming — brim­ming! — with affec­tion­ate appre­ci­a­tion just beg­ging to be shown! Alas, I have nei­ther legs nor mouth, but I can type, by Jove, and post, and I can send parcels to whence my leg­less body can’t roam.  So, it seems that all this points to one cel­e­bra­to­ry option:  a Valentine’s GIVEAWAY! Oh, how grand!  How I can’t wait to send three lucky win­ners a Valen­tine as well as a signed copy of THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE.  But in order to select my three lucky win­ners, we need a con­test, don’t we?

Hmmm…well, I imag­ine by now it is pret­ty obvi­ous that our affec­tions lie with Steam­punk, but I want to know what you, Dear­est Read­er, heart most about the move­ment? Is it the worlds cre­at­ed by writ­ers such as Cherie Priest and Gail Car­ringer?  The dia­logue between past and present? The beats and riffs of Pro­fes­sor Ele­men­tal and the Vern­ian Process?  The clothes; the gad­gets; the inno­v­a­tive art? Per­haps you have a favorite fig­ure, a favorite blog, a favorite estab­lish­ment or con­ven­tion? Any­thing and every­thing under the Steam­punk Umbrel­la is up for court­ing, and we want to hear woo­ing from you!

To pay court to your efforts,  three win­ners will be ran­dom­ly select­ed from these sun­dries, and will receive a signed copy of THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE. We will have com­ments open start­ing today through Feb­ru­ary 14th, where read­ers can post their own Steam­punk Valen­tines.  There is one tee­ny, tiny caveat, and that is this con­test is only open to U.S. par­tic­i­pants for postage rea­sons. Don’t mis­un­der­stand me, Dear Read­er, we adore and wel­come our Inter­na­tion­al friends to join the dis­cus­sion. How­ev­er, it is impos­si­ble for them to be eli­gi­ble at this time because, alas,  I only have a Unit­ed States par­cel send­ing Do-Fob 660.  Per­haps one day there will be an upgrade for me.

The Rules of Court­ly Love: Only open to par­tic­i­pants in the Unit­ed States.  To enter, just tell us what it is you love about Steam­punk and why.  You can post as many times as you like in the nat­ur­al course of the dis­cus­sion, of course.  Keep in mind this is a love fest, so any SPAM or hat­ing will be elim­i­nat­ed.  A win­ner will be ran­dom­ly select­ed by Tues­day, Feb­ru­ary 14th at teatime (4 o’clock).  Please check your email Wednes­day  or Thurs­day fol­low­ing; win­ners who have not respond­ed to us with­in 24 hours shall be elim­i­nat­ed, and a new win­ner select­ed. Offi­cial announce­ments of the win­ner will go live Fri­day, Feb­ru­ary 17th.

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23 Responses to Be Our Valentine?

  1. Anna says:

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thy shin­ing met­als, even when dulled by grease and dent­ed by hammer’s blow. I love thy heat, radi­at­ing from with­in, cours­ing through your pipes and escap­ing through pres­sure valves. I love thy gears, both when use­ful and when adhered for sim­ple aes­thet­ic val­ue. I love thy colours: the brass, the cop­per, the steel, the verdi­gris that adorns your join­ings, your cob­ble­stone streets, your skirt­ed ankles and spats-cov­ered feet. I love the rus­tle of satin and creak of leather that sig­nals your approach. I love our evening escapades by gas-light, perus­ing tomes of mys­tery and adven­ture. I love the ever-chang­ing face of your beau­ty, the dynam­ic advance­ments of your suit­ors and the cer­tain­ty that I will nev­er find rejec­tion from your embrace, even when my attire is incom­plete and my con­tri­bu­tions imper­fect. I love your mon­sters and vil­lains and heroes, your pirates and air­ships and mys­te­ri­ous islands. How do I love thee? I love thee to the depth and breadth of time.

  2. Steam­punk is the ulti­mate expres­sion of imag­i­na­tion and poten­tial. It encour­ages won­der and pre­cip­i­tates pure pos­si­bil­i­ty from an oth­er­wise dull, drab, and dirty world. In sweep­ing clock­work vis­tas and fleets of steam-pow­ered air­ships, it gives the mind and spir­it per­mis­sion to soar free of earth­ly con­straints and mun­dane con­cerns. Its peo­ple are true, pure, some­how more essen­tial than the world around us. Their motives are stronger, their moti­va­tions more puis­sant. They are them­selves, whol­ly, and they live stronger, larg­er, and freer for it. I love steam­punk, because it lets my mind fly high and tall and proud and above all else free.

  3. Jess Nevins says:

    I love the rav­ish­ing beau­ty of the women, like the divine S.J. Cham­bers.

    • Doctor Q says:

      I sec­ond that motion! My ado­ra­tion for Ms. Cham­bers knows no bounds. (No need to enter me in any con­test, just want­ed to chime in and share in said “love-fest”)

      • S. J. says:

        Aw! Jess and Q! You two are among the finest gen­tle­men in Steam­pun­k­lan­dia. Thank you so much for the Valen­tines!

  4. Kristina says:

    To say I love steam­punk real­ly doesn’t do it jus­tice. It goes far beyond that. Steam­punk is in my soul. Before I dis­cov­ered steam­punk I always felt like I didn’t fit into the world, like I was out of sync. I went through a goth phase which didn’t quite do it… Then a punk phase. That was inter­est­ing. then I attend­ed a pan­el at a con­ven­tion in heart­ford ct. And it was like some­one flipped a switch in my head. I real­ized that there was a name for the “odd­i­ties” ( as my patents called them) I would cre­ate: the jew­el­ry out of old bits and bobs id find at estate sales the love of corsets and most­ly vests… The skirt made from men’s neck­ties. It made me feel like my life finnaly made sense and that it was not only ok to keep doing these things but to embrace it, and devel­op my own way… I do love steam­punk, it’s a part of who I am. The music, the lit­er­a­ture, the spir­it… It defines me.

  5. Jessie Gary says:

    I love the shim­mer of the met­al against the rough tex­tures of leather. I love the bold browns mixed with sim­ple yet intri­cate designs. I sim­ply love how with Steam­punk there is no end to cre­ativ­i­ty.

  6. Jessie Gary says:

    I love Steam­punk for their fes­ti­vals and the amaz­ing peo­ple you meet. Cos­tumes sway­ing, gad­gets twirling, the imag­i­na­tion shown is amaz­ing. Each moment with­in one is breath­tak­ing and inspir­ing.

  7. Vic­to­ri­an crafts­man­ship, archi­tec­ture, fash­ion and lit­er­a­ture. Met­al and wood with a pati­na of age. Love­craft. Pirates. Mad Sci­en­tists. Ghosts. Zom­bies. Romance. Adven­ture. Explo­ration. Inno­va­tion. Cre­ativ­i­ty. Imag­i­na­tion. Intri­cate mechan­i­cal work­ings. Hand­made items. Repur­pos­ing items from the past. These are all things that inspire me. Things that are impor­tant to me. Things that just make me hap­py. And steam­punk puts all those things into a box and hands it to me. That’s why I love steam­punk.

  8. My Dear­est steam­punk,

    Of your many qual­i­ties, which should I expound? Ah, yes, these I love best.

    I love you when you are qui­et and under­stat­ed. The strains of cel­lo out of my phone waft­ing, but I bare­ly hear them. My garage, lit only by a lone­ly kerosene lantern is the world and the old Singer trea­dle my sin­gle charge.

    I love you when I see you in the mir­ror. Stand­ing proud, bound no longer by jean and t-shirt. Instead arrayed in a great­coat, waist­coat, wool trousers, cra­vat, the dull cop­per of your watch fob, gleam­ing at my waist.

    I love when I dig my hands deep into the soil, and pull pota­toes and car­rots from the black dirt, and know that I have tilled this soil with tools I ser­viced myself.

    I love you when my small sons thrill to your sto­ries of high flight, and adven­ture in lands famil­iar and wild.

    I love you when I see you with oth­ers and know they dressed in you and craft­ed you with the best care they could.

    It is at these times that I over­look the many injus­tices heaped upon your fair form. When I ignore the glit­ter, the gears ran­dom­ly hot glued, the feeds that dai­ly declare you dead. Then I see my clock­work lady, gen­tly point­ing for­ward to the past that might once again be the future.

  9. My gear­head heart is alive in 18-some­thing-some­thing. And I have a thing for bus­tles <3 xxx

  10. Figment says:

    As an artist, I love the free­dom it allows for cre­at­ing. I work with faery lore, but with­in steam­punk, I can cre­ate a new world with new rules. The col­or scheme is unique and ground­ed which appeals great­ly to me and cloth­ing has a com­plex yet sim­ple aes­thet­ic.

    So I guess my answer is I love the stuff. Cloth­ing, sculp­tures, craft­work, props, the stuff is amaz­ing.

    ~Fig­ment the gob­lin­smith

  11. S. J. says:

    These com­ments are great, which leads into my Valen­tine to Steam­punk. I love how Steam­punk has myr­i­ad mean­ings to myr­i­ad peo­ple, and the com­mon denom­i­na­tor is it gives a stage for every­one to dream and play with his­to­ry, the­o­ry, and art.

    Keep them com­ing, Steam­ers! Only one week left until V-day.

  12. The moment I laid my eyes upon the enig­mat­ic beau­ty that is the won­der­ful world of steampunk.…I for­ev­er changed.Walking down my city streets I no longer would see things the same as they once were.Suddenly my brain would imagi9ine the end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties of leather and lace,cog’s and copper,curious con­trap­tions made from the rem­nants of Ran­dom trin­kets from times before us.This Del­i­cate Fusion between gaslight and google is respon­si­ble for the rebirth of my true self…the artist.So steampunk,Will you be my valentine?I owe you more than you will ever know..Thank you-Mis­ter Killjoi

  13. B Gennai says:

    Steam­punk. Hm. I learn some­thing new about it every­day. The world of steam is so vast and every­day it grows! The alter­nate uni­verse stretch­es and skews so much so that it shall take more then a life time to see and learn about.
    I think that’s what I love about steam­punk — that it can be about any­thing the dream­er so pleas­es! If I’m in a lull and des­per­ate­ly depressed, I just take my pen­cil and write about a ter­rif­ic steam­pow­ered adven­ture that stretch­es my imag­i­na­tion and with­in moments I feel much bet­ter!
    Also, steam­punk inspires us to take an inter­est in sci­ence and his­to­ry — even though we are rewrit­ing it!
    Ode to steam­punk; I love you so. I’ll take your beau­ty and grit­ti­ness every day.

  14. Joan says:

    I’ve always felt an almost grav­i­ta­tion­al pull back to the late 19th cen­tu­ry. Steam­punk lets me live there with­out need­ing an actu­al time machine. Bless Steam­punk and all who sail upon her!

  15. Rel­a­tive­ly new to steam­punk, but hav­ing read “Thomas Riley” by Nick Valenti­no and “The Strange Case of Fin­ley Jayne” by Kady Cross (“The Girl in the Steel Corset” is on my kin­dle, wait­ing), I’ve got a new love! Most­ly enthralled with the idea of mod­ern-day Victorian’s and what the world and soci­ety might be like if sci­ence had not pro­gressed, espe­cial­ly when a sto­ry delves into why it hadn’t advanced. What hap­pened dif­fer­ent­ly in his­to­ry. I guess I just love things that are a lit­tle (or a lot) dif­fer­ent.

  16. I adore the old-fash­ioned yet fan­tas­tic tech­nol­o­gy. I read a quote in a book, say­ing “the art cel­e­brates a time when new tech­nol­o­gy was pro­duced, not by large cor­po­ra­tions, but by tal­ent­ed and inde­pen­dent arti­sans and inven­tors.” — Art Dono­van.

    I love the idea that any­one could be an inven­tor or mechan­ic and able to repair, invent, pro­duce, and enhance tech­nol­o­gy and that it was so wide­ly avail­able in this imag­i­nary time. I love read­ing steam­punk and steam­punk comics to bask in that style.

  17. Mark Koch says:

    Roman­tic, bygone
    dreams of days that nev­er were,
    built in gleam­ing brass.

  18. Ros­es are red
    Cop­per is brown­ish
    With­out steam­punk, my book
    Would be pret­ty clown­ish.

    Hon­est­ly, though, steam­punk won me over with the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of opti­mism, cre­ativ­i­ty, and pull-your­self-up-by-your-boot­straps tenac­i­ty.

    Also, corsets.

  19. Swan says:

    I have become aware of steam­punk recent­ly and I’m already caught up in the adven­ture of the art, cloth­ing, jew­el­ery, and sto­ries. I find myself sketch­ing ideas for my own hand­made and hand sewn pieces to try my hand at. It was love at first sight and my only regret is that I did not know of it soon­er.

  20. killjoi says:

    I love your but­tons and gears,and your brass and glass,your vic­to­ri­an charm and robot­ic arms,the future or past,this love will my valentine.i love steam­punk

  21. Mecha Underwood says:

    Thanks to every­one who has post­ed and entered. The com­ments have been beyond out­stound­ing. If I wasn’t already in love with Steam­punk, I’d sure­ly be swoon­ing now. The con­test is offi­cial­ly closed, and the win­ners will be hear­ing from us soon. Mean­while, if you are brim­ming with affec­tion for Steam­punk, don’t be afraid to con­tin­ue com­ment­ing, just know all com­ments after the 4 pm EST timemark will be dis­qual­i­fied for prizes.

    Hap­py Valen­tines, every­one!