Be Our Valentine?

Saint Valentine's Day (1861). Source: Prints and Photographs from the Library of Congress (Image owner: Harper's Weekly).

It’s been a great nine months for us here at the 2.0 Factory!  So great that we are brimming—brimming!—with affectionate appreciation just begging to be shown! Alas, I have neither legs nor mouth, but I can type, by Jove, and post, and I can send parcels to whence my legless body can’t roam.  So, it seems that all this points to one celebratory option:  a Valentine’s GIVEAWAY! Oh, how grand!  How I can’t wait to send three lucky winners a Valentine as well as a signed copy of THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE.  But in order to select my three lucky winners, we need a contest, don’t we?

Hmmm…well, I imagine by now it is pretty obvious that our affections lie with Steampunk, but I want to know what you, Dearest Reader, heart most about the movement? Is it the worlds created by writers such as Cherie Priest and Gail Carringer?  The dialogue between past and present? The beats and riffs of Professor Elemental and the Vernian Process?  The clothes; the gadgets; the innovative art? Perhaps you have a favorite figure, a favorite blog, a favorite establishment or convention? Anything and everything under the Steampunk Umbrella is up for courting, and we want to hear wooing from you!

To pay court to your efforts,  three winners will be randomly selected from these sundries, and will receive a signed copy of THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE. We will have comments open starting today through February 14th, where readers can post their own Steampunk Valentines.  There is one teeny, tiny caveat, and that is this contest is only open to U.S. participants for postage reasons. Don’t misunderstand me, Dear Reader, we adore and welcome our International friends to join the discussion. However, it is impossible for them to be eligible at this time because, alas,  I only have a United States parcel sending Do-Fob 660.  Perhaps one day there will be an upgrade for me.

The Rules of Courtly Love: Only open to participants in the United States.  To enter, just tell us what it is you love about Steampunk and why.  You can post as many times as you like in the natural course of the discussion, of course.  Keep in mind this is a love fest, so any SPAM or hating will be eliminated.  A winner will be randomly selected by Tuesday, February 14th at teatime (4 o’clock).  Please check your email Wednesday  or Thursday following; winners who have not responded to us within 24 hours shall be eliminated, and a new winner selected. Official announcements of the winner will go live Friday, February 17th.

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23 Responses to Be Our Valentine?

  1. Anna says:

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thy shining metals, even when dulled by grease and dented by hammer’s blow. I love thy heat, radiating from within, coursing through your pipes and escaping through pressure valves. I love thy gears, both when useful and when adhered for simple aesthetic value. I love thy colours: the brass, the copper, the steel, the verdigris that adorns your joinings, your cobblestone streets, your skirted ankles and spats-covered feet. I love the rustle of satin and creak of leather that signals your approach. I love our evening escapades by gas-light, perusing tomes of mystery and adventure. I love the ever-changing face of your beauty, the dynamic advancements of your suitors and the certainty that I will never find rejection from your embrace, even when my attire is incomplete and my contributions imperfect. I love your monsters and villains and heroes, your pirates and airships and mysterious islands. How do I love thee? I love thee to the depth and breadth of time.

  2. Steampunk is the ultimate expression of imagination and potential. It encourages wonder and precipitates pure possibility from an otherwise dull, drab, and dirty world. In sweeping clockwork vistas and fleets of steam-powered airships, it gives the mind and spirit permission to soar free of earthly constraints and mundane concerns. Its people are true, pure, somehow more essential than the world around us. Their motives are stronger, their motivations more puissant. They are themselves, wholly, and they live stronger, larger, and freer for it. I love steampunk, because it lets my mind fly high and tall and proud and above all else free.

  3. Jess Nevins says:

    I love the ravishing beauty of the women, like the divine S.J. Chambers.

    • Doctor Q says:

      I second that motion! My adoration for Ms. Chambers knows no bounds. (No need to enter me in any contest, just wanted to chime in and share in said “love-fest”)

      • S. J. says:

        Aw! Jess and Q! You two are among the finest gentlemen in Steampunklandia. Thank you so much for the Valentines!

  4. Kristina says:

    To say I love steampunk really doesn’t do it justice. It goes far beyond that. Steampunk is in my soul. Before I discovered steampunk I always felt like I didn’t fit into the world, like I was out of sync. I went through a goth phase which didn’t quite do it… Then a punk phase. That was interesting. then I attended a panel at a convention in heartford ct. And it was like someone flipped a switch in my head. I realized that there was a name for the “oddities” ( as my patents called them) I would create: the jewelry out of old bits and bobs id find at estate sales the love of corsets and mostly vests… The skirt made from men’s neckties. It made me feel like my life finnaly made sense and that it was not only ok to keep doing these things but to embrace it, and develop my own way… I do love steampunk, it’s a part of who I am. The music, the literature, the spirit… It defines me.

  5. Jessie Gary says:

    I love the shimmer of the metal against the rough textures of leather. I love the bold browns mixed with simple yet intricate designs. I simply love how with Steampunk there is no end to creativity.

  6. Jessie Gary says:

    I love Steampunk for their festivals and the amazing people you meet. Costumes swaying, gadgets twirling, the imagination shown is amazing. Each moment within one is breathtaking and inspiring.

  7. Victorian craftsmanship, architecture, fashion and literature. Metal and wood with a patina of age. Lovecraft. Pirates. Mad Scientists. Ghosts. Zombies. Romance. Adventure. Exploration. Innovation. Creativity. Imagination. Intricate mechanical workings. Handmade items. Repurposing items from the past. These are all things that inspire me. Things that are important to me. Things that just make me happy. And steampunk puts all those things into a box and hands it to me. That’s why I love steampunk.

  8. My Dearest steampunk,

    Of your many qualities, which should I expound? Ah, yes, these I love best.

    I love you when you are quiet and understated. The strains of cello out of my phone wafting, but I barely hear them. My garage, lit only by a lonely kerosene lantern is the world and the old Singer treadle my single charge.

    I love you when I see you in the mirror. Standing proud, bound no longer by jean and t-shirt. Instead arrayed in a greatcoat, waistcoat, wool trousers, cravat, the dull copper of your watch fob, gleaming at my waist.

    I love when I dig my hands deep into the soil, and pull potatoes and carrots from the black dirt, and know that I have tilled this soil with tools I serviced myself.

    I love you when my small sons thrill to your stories of high flight, and adventure in lands familiar and wild.

    I love you when I see you with others and know they dressed in you and crafted you with the best care they could.

    It is at these times that I overlook the many injustices heaped upon your fair form. When I ignore the glitter, the gears randomly hot glued, the feeds that daily declare you dead. Then I see my clockwork lady, gently pointing forward to the past that might once again be the future.

  9. My gearhead heart is alive in 18-something-something. And I have a thing for bustles <3 xxx

  10. Figment says:

    As an artist, I love the freedom it allows for creating. I work with faery lore, but within steampunk, I can create a new world with new rules. The color scheme is unique and grounded which appeals greatly to me and clothing has a complex yet simple aesthetic.

    So I guess my answer is I love the stuff. Clothing, sculptures, craftwork, props, the stuff is amazing.

    ~Figment the goblinsmith

  11. S. J. says:

    These comments are great, which leads into my Valentine to Steampunk. I love how Steampunk has myriad meanings to myriad people, and the common denominator is it gives a stage for everyone to dream and play with history, theory, and art.

    Keep them coming, Steamers! Only one week left until V-day.

  12. The moment I laid my eyes upon the enigmatic beauty that is the wonderful world of steampunk….I forever changed.Walking down my city streets I no longer would see things the same as they once were.Suddenly my brain would imagi9ine the endless possibilities of leather and lace,cog’s and copper,curious contraptions made from the remnants of Random trinkets from times before us.This Delicate Fusion between gaslight and google is responsible for the rebirth of my true self…the artist.So steampunk,Will you be my valentine?I owe you more than you will ever know..Thank you-Mister Killjoi

  13. B Gennai says:

    Steampunk. Hm. I learn something new about it everyday. The world of steam is so vast and everyday it grows! The alternate universe stretches and skews so much so that it shall take more then a life time to see and learn about.
    I think that’s what I love about steampunk – that it can be about anything the dreamer so pleases! If I’m in a lull and desperately depressed, I just take my pencil and write about a terrific steampowered adventure that stretches my imagination and within moments I feel much better!
    Also, steampunk inspires us to take an interest in science and history – even though we are rewriting it!
    Ode to steampunk; I love you so. I’ll take your beauty and grittiness every day.

  14. Joan says:

    I’ve always felt an almost gravitational pull back to the late 19th century. Steampunk lets me live there without needing an actual time machine. Bless Steampunk and all who sail upon her!

  15. Relatively new to steampunk, but having read “Thomas Riley” by Nick Valentino and “The Strange Case of Finley Jayne” by Kady Cross (“The Girl in the Steel Corset” is on my kindle, waiting), I’ve got a new love! Mostly enthralled with the idea of modern-day Victorian’s and what the world and society might be like if science had not progressed, especially when a story delves into why it hadn’t advanced. What happened differently in history. I guess I just love things that are a little (or a lot) different.

  16. I adore the old-fashioned yet fantastic technology. I read a quote in a book, saying “the art celebrates a time when new technology was produced, not by large corporations, but by talented and independent artisans and inventors.” – Art Donovan.

    I love the idea that anyone could be an inventor or mechanic and able to repair, invent, produce, and enhance technology and that it was so widely available in this imaginary time. I love reading steampunk and steampunk comics to bask in that style.

  17. Mark Koch says:

    Romantic, bygone
    dreams of days that never were,
    built in gleaming brass.

  18. Roses are red
    Copper is brownish
    Without steampunk, my book
    Would be pretty clownish.

    Honestly, though, steampunk won me over with the perfect combination of optimism, creativity, and pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps tenacity.

    Also, corsets.

  19. Swan says:

    I have become aware of steampunk recently and I’m already caught up in the adventure of the art, clothing, jewelery, and stories. I find myself sketching ideas for my own handmade and hand sewn pieces to try my hand at. It was love at first sight and my only regret is that I did not know of it sooner.

  20. killjoi says:

    I love your buttons and gears,and your brass and glass,your victorian charm and robotic arms,the future or past,this love will my valentine.i love steampunk

  21. Mecha Underwood says:

    Thanks to everyone who has posted and entered. The comments have been beyond outstounding. If I wasn’t already in love with Steampunk, I’d surely be swooning now. The contest is officially closed, and the winners will be hearing from us soon. Meanwhile, if you are brimming with affection for Steampunk, don’t be afraid to continue commenting, just know all comments after the 4 pm EST timemark will be disqualified for prizes.

    Happy Valentines, everyone!