Auld Lang Syne: News and Sightings

Ah, Steam is in the air this New Year, it seems, and we’ve had a few news flashes come through the past few weeks.

Fabio Fernandes

The Steampunk Bible is proud to be coming out in a Brazilian format through Editora Underworld.  We know it is in good hands with translator Fabio Fernandes, a very prominent figure in the Brazilian Steampunk domain, as well as SPB’s ambassador to Brazilian writers like Romeu Martin and Jacques Barcia.

There has been a sighting of SPB on HGTV’s Selling New York, a program that is featuring the famous Chelsea Steampunk Apartment that is up for sale for a cool $1.75 million.  The apartment was brought to HGTV’s attention via Dr. Grymm, who is central to the HGTV segment, and was kind enough to give us a visual shout-out while filming. Full-episodes of the second season do not seem to be streaming yet, but if made available we’ll link to it.  Meanwhile,  the episode, titled “Press Worthy Properties,” will be airing again February 29 at 5:30 E/P.

“Auld Lang Syne: News and Sightings” was published in Steampunk Bible Coverage.

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