Presence in Atlanta: The Artifice Club’s 2nd Annual Mechanical Masquerade

Just when you thought the tour­ing was over, comes the Arti­fice Club’s 2nd Annu­al Mechan­i­cal Mas­quer­ade in Atlanta, GA!  The intrigues begin at 5 pm on Novem­ber 12.  S. J. will be there don­ning a veil and mask to dance, laugh, admire the fine sil­hou­ettes of Amy Houser, sign a few books, and judge a ghost sto­ry con­test. If you are in the area, and are inter­est­ed in regal­ing her with a spooky tale, here are the details from The Arti­fice Club site:

Lest there be any ques­tion — The Arti­fice Club wants to make sure all those enter­ing the sto­ry telling com­pe­ti­tion have the spir­it and the let­ter of the rules laid out. SO READ THESE RULES TO THE END (click “Read More”). Just as a reminder — the event date is Novem­ber 12th — in Atlanta at the Mechan­i­cal Mas­quer­ade 2: Para­nor­mal Fan­ta­sy. The judge is S.J Cham­bers — co-author of the Steam­punk Bible and notable expert in her field of all things anachro­nis­tic. Your sto­ries must be com­pelling, chill­ing, ter­ri­fy­ing, inspir­ing, but most of all, mem­o­rable.  The very exis­tence of mankind may hang in the bal­ance but… no pres­sure!  Most won­drous of all is of course the prizes we shall award you for being the best.  If your sto­ry is good enough, you may live to actu­al­ly enjoy these fab­u­lous prizes, for they are as fol­lows:

First prize is signed copies of these books, signed by Jeff Van­der­meer and S.J. Cham­bers:
 — The Thack­ery T. Lamb­shead Cab­i­net of Curiosi­ties
 — The Steam­punk Bible
 — A $25 gift cer­tifi­cate to Octane Cof­fee
…and of course brag­ging rights.

Run­ner up gets signed copies of books writ­ten by our spon­sor Emi­lie P. Bush of
 — Chen­da and the Air­ship Brof­man and its sequel,
 — The Gospel Accord­ing to Ver­du,
 — A $25 gift cer­tifi­cate to Octane Cof­fee
Not as many brag­ging rights but still lit­er­ar­i­ly respectable in most cir­cles.

The entry fee is EITHER a dona­tion to the Atlanta Com­mu­ni­ty Food Bank (the ben­e­fi­cia­ry of all of our char­i­ta­ble con­tri­bu­tions this year — because there is no rea­son for a fam­i­ly go go hun­gry in Atlanta) of $5 or canned goods rough­ly equal there­to.
TIME LIMIT — You have 5 min­utes to spin your yarn. You will be cut off if you go over — and how can you win if you don’t get to the end?
THE GENRE — Must be a para­nor­mal sto­ry, not a sim­ple hor­ror tale,
OWNERSHIP — It must be an orig­i­nal sto­ry (or your own ver­sion of an exist­ing sto­ry).
GET REGISTERED: There is a lim­it­ed num­ber of entry slots — so you have to RSVP for a spot when you check in at the par­ty.
CRITERIA: Points will be award­ed for Orig­i­nal­i­ty, Spook Fac­tor, Pre­sen­ta­tion, and bonus points for Steam­punk­ish-ness.”

Spe­cial thanks goes out to  The Arti­fice Club founder, Dr. Quin­cy Eras­mus Quar­ter­main, a.k.a. Doc­tor Q,  who made it pos­si­ble for S. J. to come out.

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