Presence in Atlanta: The Artifice Club’s 2nd Annual Mechanical Masquerade

Just when you thought the touring was over, comes the Artifice Club’s 2nd Annual Mechanical Masquerade in Atlanta, GA!  The intrigues begin at 5 pm on November 12.  S. J. will be there donning a veil and mask to dance, laugh, admire the fine silhouettes of Amy Houser, sign a few books, and judge a ghost story contest. If you are in the area, and are interested in regaling her with a spooky tale, here are the details from The Artifice Club site:

“Lest there be any question – The Artifice Club wants to make sure all those entering the story telling competition have the spirit and the letter of the rules laid out. SO READ THESE RULES TO THE END (click “Read More”). Just as a reminder – the event date is November 12th – in Atlanta at the Mechanical Masquerade 2: Paranormal Fantasy. The judge is S.J Chambers – co-author of the Steampunk Bible and notable expert in her field of all things anachronistic. Your stories must be compelling, chilling, terrifying, inspiring, but most of all, memorable.  The very existence of mankind may hang in the balance but… no pressure!  Most wondrous of all is of course the prizes we shall award you for being the best.  If your story is good enough, you may live to actually enjoy these fabulous prizes, for they are as follows:

First prize is signed copies of these books, signed by Jeff Vandermeer and S.J. Chambers:
– The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities
– The Steampunk Bible
– A $25 gift certificate to Octane Coffee
…and of course bragging rights.

Runner up gets signed copies of books written by our sponsor Emilie P. Bush of
– Chenda and the Airship Brofman and its sequel,
– The Gospel According to Verdu,
– A $25 gift certificate to Octane Coffee
Not as many bragging rights but still literarily respectable in most circles.

The entry fee is EITHER a donation to the Atlanta Community Food Bank (the beneficiary of all of our charitable contributions this year – because there is no reason for a family go go hungry in Atlanta) of $5 or canned goods roughly equal thereto.
TIME LIMIT – You have 5 minutes to spin your yarn. You will be cut off if you go over – and how can you win if you don’t get to the end?
THE GENRE – Must be a paranormal story, not a simple horror tale,
OWNERSHIP – It must be an original story (or your own version of an existing story).
GET REGISTERED: There is a limited number of entry slots – so you have to RSVP for a spot when you check in at the party.
CRITERIA: Points will be awarded for Originality, Spook Factor, Presentation, and bonus points for Steampunkish-ness.”

Special thanks goes out to  The Artifice Club founder, Dr. Quincy Erasmus Quartermain, a.k.a. Doctor Q,  who made it possible for S. J. to come out.

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