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Pieces like Hith­er­to But­ter­fly Globe, Blue by Mike Lib­by is one of five Insect Lab pieces on sale at as well as at Libby’s Insect Lab Stu­dios.

S. J. here just drop­ping a note that I stum­bled upon Mike Lib­by on Anthro­polo­gie. Lib­by is one of the numer­ous­ly tal­ent­ed artists fea­tured in The Steam­punk Bible, and as of yes­ter­day, Anthro­polo­gie has brought his steam to the mass­es via five love­ly spec­i­mens (three types of but­ter­fly, a bee, and a grasshop­per) from his Insect Lab Stu­dios.

Over the last year, Anthro­polo­gie has been devel­op­ing a sec­tion of its Inte­ri­or Design depart­ment to include today’s cut­ting-edge artists and design­ers, and I am thrilled to see that their curat­ing has alight­ed upon Mike Lib­by and Steam­punk. Some may think this is anoth­er exam­ple of the main­stream­ing of Steam­punk, and it is, but it is a very pos­i­tive exam­ple as Anthro­polo­gie is expos­ing and sup­port­ing artists, rather than prey­ing on and repro­duc­ing work as unfor­tu­nate­ly has been done in the past.  But that’s just my opin­ion, and I’d love to hear what oth­ers think about whether Steam­punk and the main­stream can co-exist.  Leave a com­ment, and let’s dis­cuss.

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