Insect Labs now featured on

Pieces like Hitherto Butterfly Globe, Blue by Mike Libby is one of five Insect Lab pieces on sale at as well as at Libby's Insect Lab Studios.

S. J. here just dropping a note that I stumbled upon Mike Libby on Anthropologie. Libby is one of the numerously talented artists featured in The Steampunk Bible, and as of yesterday, Anthropologie has brought his steam to the masses via five lovely specimens (three types of butterfly, a bee, and a grasshopper) from his Insect Lab Studios.

Over the last year, Anthropologie has been developing a section of its Interior Design department to include today’s cutting-edge artists and designers, and I am thrilled to see that their curating has alighted upon Mike Libby and Steampunk. Some may think this is another example of the mainstreaming of Steampunk, and it is, but it is a very positive example as Anthropologie is exposing and supporting artists, rather than preying on and reproducing work as unfortunately has been done in the past.  But that’s just my opinion, and I’d love to hear what others think about whether Steampunk and the mainstream can co-exist.  Leave a comment, and let’s discuss.

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