Welcome, Readers, to the Steampunk Bible!

The Steampunk Bible

If you’re coming here out of curiosity because you saw the link on the CBS Morning Show page, caught the segment Sunday, or happened by because of some of the other great buzz about The Steampunk Bible, welcome!

The Steampunk Bible is a beautiful coffee table book with over 200 full-color images but also about 60,000 words that form a great introduction to and exploration of almost every facet of Steampunk, from art to literature, fashion to movies and beyond. Profiled in the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, NYT, and elsewhere, it’s the first and best guide to this complex and fascinating retro-futurist movement.

You can find The Steampunk Bible in any bookstore or order it through Amazon and other online vendors.

Scroll down for interesting articles on Steampunk, including exclusive reports on coauthor S.J. Chambers‘ trip to Europe.

And, if you want Steampunk short stories, check out the beautifully illustrated The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, Steampunk, and Steampunk Reloaded.

Below the cut you’ll find some sample pages from The Steampunk Bible. Enjoy!

Morlock Night

Mike Libby and Nante Island

Jake von Slatt

James Ng

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3 Responses to Welcome, Readers, to the Steampunk Bible!

  1. Liz Schweers says:

    I tried to order this book through Amazon and am being told they cannot supply it.

  2. Robert B Godwin says:

    December 1, 2011

    Somebody: help me, please!

    What is Steampunk poetry?

    A local high school at which I volunteer is putting on a rumored Steampunk production of Romeo and Juliet in late January 2012.

    It has been my theatrical tradition since 2004 – as a home-grown poet – to attend every performance of a school production, at the end of which I would compose poems about one or more characters in that production.

    These poems would be presented to the Theatre Director for her perusal, who would then pass them on to students portraying those selected characters – all on the Monday following the final performance.

    However, I have no experience with Steampunk poetry, and googling this topic brings up no results.

    Wanting to compose poems for these hard-working R & J theatre students in an appropriate Steampunk context, I ask for your help.

    Thank you.
    Robert B Godwin (aka “The Bob”)
    Honorary Member (2007) of Troupe 6120
    River Ridge High School
    Lacey, WA 98516

    • Shirley says:

      Hi Bob! Steam Punk in general combines Victorian stuff with science fiction and punk rock, kind of. It is very funky. I see stuff that looks old old technology with the insides of windup watches and elaborate low tech ‘conveniences’ of the industrial revolution ilk. I suppose that any poetry of that ilk would incline toward the same. This link you posted was a while ago… What I am really trying to do is to contact YOU! My husband and your former co-worker Robert Beets is retiring and wants you at a dinner party to celebrate toward the end of August. Let me know how I can get a hold of you to send you an invitation.