Thé et Vin: The Steampunk Bible Euro Tour: Pt. I, London Calling

Where the cen­turies co-exist, Lon­don is a nat­ur­al cap­i­tal for Steam­punk.

From Sep­tem­ber 5 through 17, our fear­less co-author S. J. Cham­bers trav­eled abroad to bring the Steam­punk word to Europe. Of course, the word was already there, and she had a delight­ful time dis­cussing the dif­fer­ences between U.S., U.K., and French Steam­punk, as well as the uni­fy­ing hope that Steam­punk will con­tin­ue to evolve as a move­ment. S. J. recounts her expe­ri­ences in the fol­low­ing posts, begin­ning with Lon­don.

I hate to quote Hilary Clin­ton here, but the Euro tour took a vil­lage. In Lon­don, the illus­tri­ous Jema Hewitt (author of Steam­punk Empo­ri­um: Cre­at­ing Fan­tas­ti­cal Jew­el­ry, Devices and Odd­ments from Assort­ed Cogs, Gears, and Curios) helped me orga­nize this love­ly event at The Last Tues­day Soci­ety. I can’t thank her enough for tak­ing the time to help with the scout­ing and orga­ni­za­tion.

This won­der­ful cab­i­net of curiosi­ties is locat­ed in Hack­ney and dis­plays odd­i­ties like Siamese baby skele­tons, things in jars, death masks of Napoleon side-by-side with more con­tem­po­rary sur­pris­es like prints of Leono­ra Car­ring­ton and Hans Bellmer. Mr. Kos­mos very gra­cious­ly let me take a quick video of the gallery to share with our read­ers.

I was joined by Steam­punk Bible con­trib­u­tors Jema Hewitt (Emil­ly Lady­bird) and Syd­ney Pad­ua (Bab­bage and Lovelace), and the Vic­to­ri­an Mon­ster Hunter Major Jack Union (mas­ter­mind­ed by Kit Cox). The evening began with a lec­ture about the Steam­punk move­ment, and I ques­tioned Hewitt, Pad­ua, and Cox about how Steam­punk came to adopt them, what they found most inspir­ing about the move­ment, and what they hoped for the future. The audi­ence was also very engaged, and were all very curi­ous about the mul­ti­cul­tur­al blos­som­ing of the move­ment. The evening was con­clud­ed by a love­ly per­for­mance by the Major (whose adven­tures we can look for­ward to in book form next year) and a sign­ing.

Steam­punk Bible at The Last Tues­day Soci­ety, R to L: Jema Hewitt, S. J. Cham­bers, Kit Cox, and atten­dees the love­ly Ms. Johan­na and dis­tin­guished Mr. Tom. Image cour­tesy of Jema Hewitt.

There were many fine moments after­wards, one sneak­ing off with Jema to the gallery’s base­ment and doing a quick inter­view with her that will air lat­er this week.  Her inter­view will be kick­ing off Vol­ume 2.0’s cel­e­bra­tion of Inter­na­tion­al Steam­punk, so be sure to check back.

I real­ly enjoyed get­ting to meet Syd­ney Pad­ua (look for her Raw inter­view  this week), who is as every bit as wit­ty and charm­ing as her comics allude.  Sad­ly, she had to call it a night before all the fren­zy of the event sub­sided, and I wish we could have chat­ted more.  I did get a sneak peek of her new Lovelace and Bab­bage iPad app that just went live on Ada Lovelace day.  It is a love­ly thing, filled with sundry pri­ma­ry sources about Ada and Bab­bage that made me want to acquire an iPad.  If you already have one, I sug­gest you orna­ment it with this app imme­di­ate­ly.

Last, and not least, when the event was over, and the books were signed, I end­ed the evening with fans Johan­na and Tom who took me to a pub and filled the wan­ing evening with love­ly con­ver­sa­tion.

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  1. Steve Dempsey says:

    It was a fun evening. I very much enjoyed meet­ing every­one.