Volume 2.0 Official Launch

Mai­son tour­nante aéri­enne,” by Albert Robi­da (1848 – 1926). Library of Con­gress.

While the past month or so has been filled with sundry post­cards of Jeff and S. J.‘s var­i­ous exploits, today marks the offi­cial launch of Vol­ume 2.0.   As may have been pre­viewed dur­ing our ear­li­er explo­ration of Texas Steam­punk, there will be a lot of con­tent com­ing through the Inter­tubes over the next sev­er­al months:  mate­r­i­al that was excised from the final ver­sion of the book (side­bars, images, and raw inter­views).  Addi­tion­al­ly, there will be exclu­sive con­tent on this site, such as a spe­cial sum­mer Music cel­e­bra­tion coor­di­nat­ed by Vern­ian Process’s Josh Pfi­ef­fer, pro­files and inter­views con­cern­ing Steam­punk gam­ing and role-play­ing, and oth­er var­i­ous tints and hues with­in the Steam­punk spec­trum.

Also of note, the Steam­punk Bible Index has gone live, and is still accept­ing sub­mis­sions.  The Index, and details of sub­mis­sion, can be found on top of the home page, or here.

So with­out fur­ther ado, we’ll begin the next few weeks with Fash­ion, includ­ing raw inter­views with pho­tog­ra­ph­er Lib­by Bulloff, New York design­er Brit­ney Frady-Williams, design firm Last Wear, and much more. Stay tuned.

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