Postcards from the Library of Congress

Tuesday, May 31st, S. J. gave a lecture before Library of Congress, as part of their “LCPA What If…Science Fiction & Fantasy Forum” lecture series. It being S. J., of course the lecture regarded the far-reaching influences of Edgar Allan Poe, not only on Steampunk, but on SF&F (horror and mystery too!)  as a whole. At the end of the lecture, they presented S. J. with a t-shirt version of the flyer advertising the event (see below).  It was a thrilling experience for S. J. and she would like to thank the series organizer Helen Ossa-Hester for having her (and for lunch), the Library of Congress bookstore and staff for stocking books, those who came out and participated, and Hope O’Keefe for giving a great and informative tour of the grand Library.

Flyer for the event, created by Hope O’Keefe.

S. J. greeting people as they come in and settle down.

Signing followed.

S. J. signs stock for the Gift shop.

The majesty of the Jefferson Building.

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