Postcards from the Library of Congress

Tues­day, May 31st, S. J. gave a lec­ture before Library of Con­gress, as part of their “LCPA What If…Science Fic­tion & Fan­ta­sy Forum” lec­ture series. It being S. J., of course the lec­ture regard­ed the far-reach­ing influ­ences of Edgar Allan Poe, not only on Steam­punk, but on SF&F (hor­ror and mys­tery too!)  as a whole. At the end of the lec­ture, they pre­sent­ed S. J. with a t-shirt ver­sion of the fly­er adver­tis­ing the event (see below).  It was a thrilling expe­ri­ence for S. J. and she would like to thank the series orga­niz­er Helen Ossa-Hes­ter for hav­ing her (and for lunch), the Library of Con­gress book­store and staff for stock­ing books, those who came out and par­tic­i­pat­ed, and Hope O’Keefe for giv­ing a great and infor­ma­tive tour of the grand Library.

Fly­er for the event, cre­at­ed by Hope O’Keefe.

S. J. greet­ing peo­ple as they come in and set­tle down.

Sign­ing fol­lowed.

S. J. signs stock for the Gift shop.

The majesty of the Jef­fer­son Build­ing.

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