Postcards from Richmond

A few postcards from the Richmond event at Fountain Books are coming in.  One from S. J., and two from writer and event attendee J. T. Glover.  Thanks to J. T. for providing us with a glimpse.

If anyone else has any postcards from this event, or any of the past month’s events, please send them to and I will gladly post them. S. J. would like to thank owner Kelly Justice, Doc Gillespie, and staff for sponsoring this signing, the great window display, and great camaraderie.

Window of Fountain Books

Behind the Scenes: Owner Kelly Justice and S. J. Chambers discussing game-plan before event. Photo by J. T. Glover

S. J. Chambers with Fountain Books owner Kelly Justice and bookseller Doc Gillespie. Photo by J. T. Glover.

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