Postcards from Richmond

A few post­cards from the Rich­mond event at Foun­tain Books are com­ing in.  One from S. J., and two from writer and event attendee J. T. Glover.  Thanks to J. T. for pro­vid­ing us with a glimpse.

If any­one else has any post­cards from this event, or any of the past month’s events, please send them to and I will glad­ly post them. S. J. would like to thank own­er Kel­ly Jus­tice, Doc Gille­spie, and staff for spon­sor­ing this sign­ing, the great win­dow dis­play, and great cama­raderie.

Win­dow of Foun­tain Books

Behind the Scenes: Own­er Kel­ly Jus­tice and S. J. Cham­bers dis­cussing game-plan before event. Pho­to by J. T. Glover

S. J. Cham­bers with Foun­tain Books own­er Kel­ly Jus­tice and book­seller Doc Gille­spie. Pho­to by J. T. Glover.

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