Joe Gordon of FP Rhapsodizes About the Steampunk Bible


Bless my keys and carriage—Joe Gordon, who works for Forbidden Planet and blogs for them, received the Bible over in the U.K. He was kind enough to send us this enthusiastic missive about the book…What a nice guy. Mecha Underwood has never met him, but I’d like to!


Dear Sir,

It is with some mounting excitement I found myself opening a surprise package brought forth by the young delivery lad in his bright livery to find within a copy of the volume Scallywags and Steam Valves: the Punking of Pistons of Industry by Mr Heff UberBeer, Esq., and Chambers S.J. I was intrigued by his descriptions that some of our more technologically astute young ladies such as Ms Lovelace and her good friend Ms Gloveface utilise a system of fiendishly clever clockwork mechanism to maintain the height of their skirts relative to their stockings, thus avoiding the social disgrace of accidentally baring an ankle in polite society, although obviously such passages should only be read by married men, lest the imagery conjured forth lead to a corruption and depredation of the brain cells such as a Frenchman might frequently be observed to suffer from, which clearly Would Not Do. [Editor’s note: Joe loves the French.]

Yes, arrived just before the long weekend here, good timing, started reading it on my lunch (Twitter), continued reading on train home to dad at the weekend (Twitter) and reading on this week. Many thanks for that, nice unexpected surprise, will try to give bigger mention on the blog at some point once read fully, really enjoying it thus far, despite Jess Nevins risking my Caledonian ire by referring to the UK as ‘England’, which is, sadly, still a common mistake by some colonial types and can lead in some cases to exchanged words of heat and large Scottish Claymores being inserted into interesting areas of the body to cries of hear, hear.

It may interest you to know that literally around the corner from where I sit at work there is an entire, full scale Newcommen Atmospheric Engine which is open to the inspection of the citizens for their betterment of knowledge of the Science which makes great our Empire. Nah, seriously, National Museum of Scotland round the corner from here has an entire Newcommen beam engine and on the upper floors, no less. Models? Who needs models, this is Scotland, home of heavy engineering, stick an entire 18th century steam engine and housing into the museum… Meantime I leave you in return with an image of steam reborn to the modern era, the splendid and powerful locomotive Tornado, which, despite appearances, is actually new, built by enthusiasts to the plans of an original Peppercorn class Pacific steam loco (a very powerful machine that could roar between Edinburgh and London effortlessly). Here is is passing by Jacob’s Ladder on the way out of Edinburgh, brand new mighty machine built to original old specs (with some refinements to iron out original kinks), Steampunk maker material on a pretty huge scale 🙂 Best viewed while wearing a top hat…


Joe Gordon

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  1. Jess Nevins says:

    Scotland, Scotland…that’s the howling desolation north of the Lake District, right?