Joe Gordon of FP Rhapsodizes About the Steampunk Bible


Bless my keys and car­riage—Joe Gor­don, who works for For­bid­den Planet and blogs for them, received the Bible over in the U.K. He was kind enough to send us this enthu­si­as­tic mis­sive about the book…What a nice guy. Mecha Under­wood has never met him, but I’d like to!


Dear Sir,

It is with some mount­ing excite­ment I found myself open­ing a sur­prise pack­age brought forth by the young deliv­ery lad in his bright liv­ery to find within a copy of the vol­ume Scal­ly­wags and Steam Valves: the Punk­ing of Pis­tons of Indus­try by Mr Heff Uber­Beer, Esq., and Cham­bers S.J. I was intrigued by his descrip­tions that some of our more tech­no­log­i­cally astute young ladies such as Ms Lovelace and her good friend Ms Glove­face utilise a sys­tem of fiendishly clever clock­work mech­a­nism to main­tain the height of their skirts rel­a­tive to their stock­ings, thus avoid­ing the social dis­grace of acci­den­tally bar­ing an ankle in polite soci­ety, although obvi­ously such pas­sages should only be read by mar­ried men, lest the imagery con­jured forth lead to a cor­rup­tion and depre­da­tion of the brain cells such as a French­man might fre­quently be observed to suf­fer from, which clearly Would Not Do. [Editor’s note: Joe loves the French.]

Yes, arrived just before the long week­end here, good tim­ing, started read­ing it on my lunch (Twit­ter), con­tin­ued read­ing on train home to dad at the week­end (Twit­ter) and read­ing on this week. Many thanks for that, nice unex­pected sur­prise, will try to give big­ger men­tion on the blog at some point once read fully, really enjoy­ing it thus far, despite Jess Nevins risk­ing my Cale­don­ian ire by refer­ring to the UK as ‘Eng­land’, which is, sadly, still a com­mon mis­take by some colo­nial types and can lead in some cases to exchanged words of heat and large Scot­tish Clay­mores being inserted into inter­est­ing areas of the body to cries of hear, hear.

It may inter­est you to know that lit­er­ally around the cor­ner from where I sit at work there is an entire, full scale New­com­men Atmos­pheric Engine which is open to the inspec­tion of the cit­i­zens for their bet­ter­ment of knowl­edge of the Sci­ence which makes great our Empire. Nah, seri­ously, National Museum of Scot­land round the cor­ner from here has an entire New­com­men beam engine and on the upper floors, no less. Mod­els? Who needs mod­els, this is Scot­land, home of heavy engi­neer­ing, stick an entire 18th cen­tury steam engine and hous­ing into the museum… Mean­time I leave you in return with an image of steam reborn to the mod­ern era, the splen­did and pow­er­ful loco­mo­tive Tor­nado, which, despite appear­ances, is actu­ally new, built by enthu­si­asts to the plans of an orig­i­nal Pep­per­corn class Pacific steam loco (a very pow­er­ful machine that could roar between Edin­burgh and Lon­don effort­lessly). Here is is pass­ing by Jacob’s Lad­der on the way out of Edin­burgh, brand new mighty machine built to orig­i­nal old specs (with some refine­ments to iron out orig­i­nal kinks), Steam­punk maker mate­r­ial on a pretty huge scale :-) Best viewed while wear­ing a top hat…


Joe Gor­don

“Joe Gordon of FP Rhapsodizes About the Steampunk Bible” was published in Steampunk Bible Coverage.

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  1. Jess Nevins says:

    Scot­land, Scotland…that’s the howl­ing des­o­la­tion north of the Lake Dis­trict, right?

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