Friday Fun with The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew

While I await the arrival of post­cards from Rich­mond and Seat­tle, I thought I’d share this fun video I just received that dates back to the Steam­punk World’s Fair from a few weeks ago.

S. J. writes:  “This video con­tains some hijinks by the per­for­mance troupe The Wan­der­ing Legion of the Thomas Tew, many of whose mem­bers I enjoyed the com­pa­ny of at both Inter­na­tion­al Steam­punk City and the Steam­punk World’s Fair.  They are a great cast of char­ac­ters, and spread their tal­ents over pup­pet shows, improv, web videos, and the ulti­mate forth-wall test of LARP­ing.  They were kind enough to do an improv skit on site at Jake von Slatt’s Steam­punk bus, just for us, and I hope they’ll return lat­er this sum­mer to dis­cuss Steam­punk and per­for­mance art. P.S.  If you look in the win­dows, you’ll see von Slatt tin­ker­ing in his mobile RV lab.”

If you like what you see, I under­stand they shall be appear­ing at Con­nec­ti­con in July, and Dragon*Con in Sep­tem­ber. Oh my, how these peo­ple trav­el!  Just once, I’d like to dip my keys in the sand.…

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