Visiting Clockwork Couture…

Yours truly had a chance to visit Clockwork Couture in Los Angeles this past week, on an overnight trip to the West Coast. Captain Ricci was a kind and thoughtful host, providing scones and tea. From the clockwork wrought iron gates to the interior, the store is atmospheric and full of tasteful and fun clothes, artifacts, and books. The hastily shot video above is just a little glimpse into the fabulousness of Clockwork Couture. They provide clothes for men, women, and children, along with shoes and boots, jewelry, and a lot more.

Me, I bought a Victorian octopus figurine and a mecha-animal as a gift for a friend. Even if you’re not in LA—visits are by appointment—you can buy from them online. Although I must say that I enjoyed the little garden and the trained squirrels that can be found there…

Thanks, Captain, for a splendid island of calm in the middle of a whirlwind trip!


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