Remaining tour dates and a PSA about Poe in Boston

S. J. is officially on the last leg of her tour.  This week she will be focusing on one of the loves of her life, Edgar Allan Poe, who is featured in The Steampunk Bible as a grandfather of the grandfathers of Steampunk.  She will be discussing his overall influence in speculative fiction at the Library of Congress, Tuesday, May 31st at noon, and then doing a more Steampunk themed discussion at Fountain Books in Richmond, VA, Thursday, June 2nd. To find out more details, please consult the Tour Dates page.

When S. J. was in Boston last week, she had the unique opportunity of being shown the more unknown literary landmarks of the town by independent Poe scholar and writer of The American Literary blog Rob Velella.  She was sad to find that Poe’s presence in Boston is not well-marked, and sends this PSA starring Mr. Velella.

Untitled from S.J. Chambers on Vimeo.

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