Presence at Steampunk World’s Fair

Today the Steampunk World’s Fair kicks off in Somerset, NJ. and S. J. is flying out to take part.   She’s  looking forward to the book event on Saturday, 12 pm, with contributors Jake von Slatt, Ekaterina Sedia, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, Dr. Grymm, and Jaymee Goh. This event will be in The Library of Lost Lit, as will the 4:30 mass author signing, in which S. J. will also be participating.  You can also find her lurking near The Murder By Death set Saturday night at 11:30 pm, tea and absinthe tastings, and anywhere there may be dancing.

Books are being made available by the wonderful and very talented Amy Houser, who I understand will be including a unique bookmark of her own devising with each purchase.

Stay tuned for transmissions from the World’s Fair, as I download them from S. J. throughout the weekend.

“Presence at Steampunk World’s Fair” was published in Excursions.

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