Postcards from the Steampunk World’s Fair

Lots of fun and great peo­ple.  Met up with con­trib­u­tors Diana Pho, Jaymee Goh, Eka­te­ri­na Sedia, Dr. Grymm, Stephen Segal and Jake von Slatt.

Air­ships and arti­sans, music and con­trap­tions, as well as old-fash­ioned absinthe tast­ing.  Please for­give the qual­i­ty of the pho­tos — we’re still work­ing out the kinks in this new-fan­gled steam-cam­era!

The above pic­ture is of an Absinthe tast­ing. The sug­ar used is from a 100 year old sug­ar loaf some­one found in an antique shop. It was still deli­cious after all these years.

Sugar Loaf
Close up of the sug­ar loaf. It was in its orig­i­nal wrap­ping. The Absinthe mas­ters were hav­ing to pick at it like a block of ice.

I met this love­ly lady, Jen­ny, as we wait­ed for the green fairy to be released from her anise trap­pings. I thought the dark char­treuse con­trast­ed quite beau­ti­ful­ly with her bur­gundy hat and sweet pro­file. BTW, the Absinthe was deli­cious, tast­ed like a jel­ly bean.

Amy Houser
Amy Houser, who kind­ly sold our book dur­ing the Fair, did cameos from her booth. She had a lot of inter­est­ing pro­files, but I imag­ine Boba Fett’s proved the most chal­leng­ing. She does beau­ti­ful work, and she and her hus­band Scott were a lot of fun and help.

And of course there were air­ships…

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