Postcards from the Steampunk World’s Fair

Lots of fun and great people.  Met up with contributors Diana Pho, Jaymee Goh, Ekaterina Sedia, Dr. Grymm, Stephen Segal and Jake von Slatt.

Airships and artisans, music and contraptions, as well as old-fashioned absinthe tasting.  Please forgive the quality of the photos – we’re still working out the kinks in this new-fangled steam-camera!

The above picture is of an Absinthe tasting. The sugar used is from a 100 year old sugar loaf someone found in an antique shop. It was still delicious after all these years.

Sugar Loaf
Close up of the sugar loaf. It was in its original wrapping. The Absinthe masters were having to pick at it like a block of ice.

I met this lovely lady, Jenny, as we waited for the green fairy to be released from her anise trappings. I thought the dark chartreuse contrasted quite beautifully with her burgundy hat and sweet profile. BTW, the Absinthe was delicious, tasted like a jelly bean.

Amy Houser
Amy Houser, who kindly sold our book during the Fair, did cameos from her booth. She had a lot of interesting profiles, but I imagine Boba Fett’s proved the most challenging. She does beautiful work, and she and her husband Scott were a lot of fun and help.

And of course there were airships…

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