Postcards from NYC and Between Books

Well, the NYC event seems to have been so fun that barely an images were taken and no photos were received.  Jeff sends word that he has a collection from attendees at his blog.  If anyone reading this happened to have been in attendance, and have some images, I would gladly post them (send to  But the event, by all accounts, was just lovely, and Jeff and S. J. want to thank Barnes & Nobles for letting them and the New York Steampunks take over for an evening.  They also want to thank their Abrams Image editor Caitlin Kenney and publicist Amy Franklin, who were both on hand and just wonderful.

Mrs. VanderMeer did remember me, and sent this one lovely shot of attendees below.

Between Books in Clayton, DE was last night, and S. J. said it was not only different from the others in that it wasn’t as multi-media, but that it also became a fun conversation between the panelists and audience.  Also on hand was The Absinthe Drinkers, a Philly Steampunk band that use for their lyrical inspirations pieces from famous authors.  “They did a song about El Dorado!” S. J. writes me.  “How could I not get into that.”

S. J. wants to thank Between Books owner Greg Schauer, who really put together a fun event and even had cake!  S. J. says the bookstore is just phenomenonal, and it was wonderful spending time pouring over the store while listening to the band.  As you can imagine after not receiving any transmissions from S. J., we had words, and for Between Books she supplied me with plenty of postcards.

Night began with introductions by The Absinthe Drinkers.

From left to right:  Ekaterina Sedia, S. J. Chambers, Ed Pettit, and Aleks Sennwald.

Ed Pettit is a member of the Philly Liar’s Club and the National Book Critics Circle, and as a Philly local and fellow Poe scholar, S. J. asked him to moderate this panel about what was the “punk” in “steampunk.”  It’s a common question, but in the instance of this night the audience and the panelists really ran with it and had a blast.

And the panelists are off…

Beautiful cake with the cover reproduced.  Le sigh, I bet it was delicious.  Maybe S. J. will upload me a piece.

Attendees and participants of the discussion.


“Postcards from NYC and Between Books” was published in Excursions.

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