Postcards from NYC and Between Books

Well, the NYC event seems to have been so fun that bare­ly an images were tak­en and no pho­tos were received.  Jeff sends word that he has a col­lec­tion from atten­dees at his blog.  If any­one read­ing this hap­pened to have been in atten­dance, and have some images, I would glad­ly post them (send to  But the event, by all accounts, was just love­ly, and Jeff and S. J. want to thank Barnes & Nobles for let­ting them and the New York Steam­punks take over for an evening.  They also want to thank their Abrams Image edi­tor Caitlin Ken­ney and pub­li­cist Amy Franklin, who were both on hand and just won­der­ful.

Mrs. Van­der­Meer did remem­ber me, and sent this one love­ly shot of atten­dees below.

Between Books in Clay­ton, DE was last night, and S. J. said it was not only dif­fer­ent from the oth­ers in that it wasn’t as mul­ti-media, but that it also became a fun con­ver­sa­tion between the pan­elists and audi­ence.  Also on hand was The Absinthe Drinkers, a Philly Steam­punk band that use for their lyri­cal inspi­ra­tions pieces from famous authors.  “They did a song about El Dora­do!” S. J. writes me.  “How could I not get into that.”

S. J. wants to thank Between Books own­er Greg Schauer, who real­ly put togeth­er a fun event and even had cake!  S. J. says the book­store is just phe­nom­e­non­al, and it was won­der­ful spend­ing time pour­ing over the store while lis­ten­ing to the band.  As you can imag­ine after not receiv­ing any trans­mis­sions from S. J., we had words, and for Between Books she sup­plied me with plen­ty of post­cards.

Night began with intro­duc­tions by The Absinthe Drinkers.

From left to right:  Eka­te­ri­na Sedia, S. J. Cham­bers, Ed Pet­tit, and Aleks Sen­nwald.

Ed Pet­tit is a mem­ber of the Philly Liar’s Club and the Nation­al Book Crit­ics Cir­cle, and as a Philly local and fel­low Poe schol­ar, S. J. asked him to mod­er­ate this pan­el about what was the “punk” in “steam­punk.”  It’s a com­mon ques­tion, but in the instance of this night the audi­ence and the pan­elists real­ly ran with it and had a blast.

And the pan­elists are off…

Beau­ti­ful cake with the cov­er repro­duced.  Le sigh, I bet it was deli­cious.  Maybe S. J. will upload me a piece.

Atten­dees and par­tic­i­pants of the dis­cus­sion.


“Postcards from NYC and Between Books” was published in Excursions.

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