Porter Square Books

Last Monday, S. J. Chambers hosted an evening with The Steampunk Bible at Porter Square Books in Cambridge. She was accompanied by contributors Jess Nevins, Mike Libby, Jake von Slatt, and Aleks Sennwald. It was a multi-media extravaganza, with specimens from Mike Libby’s Insect Labs and Jake von Slatt’s Ada Altoid Tin and Steampunk Pickboard were on hand, and Sennwald’s beautiful illustrations were on display.

They had a rousing discussion about art, making, and labeling, followed by very good questions from the audience that called out where exactly the “punk” in Steampunk was, and musings on modern societies propensity to not see the inner working of things, and I do mean things in the mechanical and ephemeral sense. S. J. wants to thank all the contributor’s for participating in such a great discussion, the audience for coming out and asking questions, and for Josh Cook and Porter Square Books for making it all happen.

Sayth S. J.:  “PSB is a beautiful bookstore, and it was a great pleasure to be there. Josh was very gracious to loan us. the below postcards from the events.”

S. J. gives the run down of the book’s goals.

Mike Libby discusses his work and how it became adopted by the Steampunk label.

From left to right:  S. J, Mike Libby, Aleks Sennwald, Jake von Slatt, and Jess Nevins.

Aleks Sennwald and Mike Libby talk art.

Signing and speaking with PSB guests.

“Porter Square Books” was published in Excursions.

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