HGTV Shout-Out to The Steampunk Bible

(HGTV’s May book selections…)

The HGTV blog has a nice piece on The Steam­punk Bible, say­ing in part “I couldn’t help but devour [it]” and quot­ing coau­thor Jeff Van­der­Meer: “The future [in terms of inte­rior design] might be going over to a more stream­lined indus­trial style that’s also a lit­tle rougher, but not quite cyberpunk…that would be both inter­est­ing and per­haps more livable/contemporary than salutes to Queen Vic­to­ria. For exam­ple, Ray­gun Gothic is a sub­set of Steam­punk influ­enced by Fritz Lang and art deco that’s gained ground in the movies and comics, not includ­ing full-scale instal­la­tions like Sean Orlando’s Ray­gun Gothic Rocketship.”

HGTV Shout-Out to The Steampunk Bible” was published in Steampunk Bible Coverage.

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