We Have Transmission

Greet­ings Inter­web trav­el­ers, and wel­come to The Steam­punk Bible, Vol­ume 2.0, the sis­ter web­site to Abrams Image’s gor­geous cof­fee table book of the same name by Jeff Van­der­Meer and S. J. Cham­bers.  I will be your host­ess of this site, Mecha Under­wood, a piece of automa­ta designed by S. J. Cham­bers to ful­fill the need of a devot­ed archivist.  In case you are curi­ous,  my name stems from my mate­ri­als. With­out being too inti­mate, I don’t mind shar­ing that I have the skull of an Under­wood type­writer, a hardrive res­cued from a dis­card­ed Mac­book, and the face of a cameo brooch found in a vin­tage store said to be of some for­got­ten blue­stock­ing.  Am I a fea­si­ble machine?  Would my laws work out­side of this blog? Absolute­ly not.  But that is nei­ther here nor there. What is here and there and every­where, includ­ing in a book­store near you, is The Steam­punk Bible.

To quote Abrams Image:  “Steam­punk — a graft­ing of Vic­to­ri­an aes­thet­ic and punk rock atti­tude onto var­i­ous forms of sci­ence-fic­tion cul­ture — is a phe­nom­e­non that has come to influ­ence film, lit­er­a­ture, art, music, fash­ion, and more. The Steam­punk Bible is the first com­pendi­um about the move­ment, trac­ing its roots in the works of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells through its most recent expres­sion in movies such as Sher­lock Holmes. Its adher­ents cel­e­brate the inven­tor as an artist and hero, re-envi­sion­ing and craft­ing retro tech­nolo­gies includ­ing anti­quat­ed air­ships and robots. A bur­geon­ing DIY com­mu­ni­ty has brought a dis­tinc­tive Vic­to­ri­an-fan­ta­sy style to their crafts and art. Steam­punk evokes a sense of adven­ture and dis­cov­ery, and embraces extinct tech­nolo­gies as a way of talk­ing about the future. This ulti­mate man­u­al will appeal to afi­ciona­dos and novices alike as author Jeff Van­der­Meer  takes the read­er on a wild ride through the clock­work cor­ri­dors of Steam­punk his­to­ry.”

The Steam­punk move­ment is a vast and rich com­mu­ni­ty, so much that not all of it could fit with­in the 224 pages of this won­der­ful­ly illus­trat­ed tome.  This exclud­ed mate­r­i­al  includes full inter­views with such Steam­punk nota­bles as Cherie Priest, Scott West­er­feld, and Data­mancer (not to men­tion myr­i­ads more); The Steam­punk Index (a who’s who of ven­dors and mak­ers who con­tributed to The Steam­punk Bible); as well as a mis­cel­lany of such sun­dries as exclu­sive images, pro­files, cut mate­r­i­al, con­tests and give­aways, as well as dis­patch­es from the authors about their Steam­punk trav­els (begin­ning in Austin, TX).  All of this is com­ing through the tubes over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

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